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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#1
well i am in the 2nd to last battle [not counting the secret stage] and i have been having problems with it due to sp reason so i was wondering if i should keep my kai in the gepenst mk s or put Leona in it due to her Telekenis. or should i use her in a weaker mech with Armor breaker for Vindel? i never got the wild wurger L so i cant use stun shot instead.

User Info: Fencedude

7 years ago#2
Leona doesn't want the Mk.II-S, its horribly unsuited for her stats.

If you have the Wurger-L, Leona is best for Stunshot abuse, due to Fury. But otherwise, she wants to be in something dodgy and shooty, a Huckebein Mk.III is ideal for her.

Whatever you put her in, slap an armor breaker on it and be done with it. But honestly, its not that necessary. The final battles aren't so incredibly hard.
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User Info: redtide1962

7 years ago#3
Try to get an idea of who your strongest pilots are and just use them. You only have a few missions left...

Try the following team:

Masaki in Cybuster (Megabooster + Bio Sensor or better)
Lune in Valsione (Megabooster + Bio Sensor or better)
Ryusei in R-1 (nothing but give SRX a Solar Panelt)
Rai in R-2 (nothing)
Aya in R-3 (nothing)
Viletta in R-Gun (Solar Panel + best EN part)
Ring in whatever (just for Enable)
Latooni in whatever (just to use Enable; try to keep her out of combat unless she doesn't need to use SP)
Radha in whatever (just for Enable)

I'm assuming no one but Radha has SP Regenerate.

I suggest Masaki/Lune because they need very little upgrading. If you do have any cash though, max the EN on both mechs, pump High Familiar as high as you can, and give both mechs a few clicks of Mobility for good measure. If you're broke don't worry about it though; they're strong enough as they are.

Turn 1, have Masaki, Lune, Ryusei, and Viletta move around Carla, and then have Carla use Rouse three times in a row (she should be able to use it three times even without training her). Move everyone else around your battleships and try to make sure the weaker ones will be def supported. Form SRX with Aya/Rai and End turn.

Turn 2, send Masaki and Lune out to cause chaos. You don't even need to have them attack. Masaki should counter with whatever weapons he has (ideally a relatively strong High Familiar, but he'll pick the best weapon for the range), and Lune should counter with strong Cross Smashers. If you know they need extra evasion, just have them Focus. Let the enemies kill themselves on counterattacks. Worst-case scenario, they merely weaken themselves while surrounding Masaki/Lune.

Turn 3, have Masaki/Lune Valor and Focus and/or Strike (or you can have Aya/Radha Attune them if you are worried about their SP, but you shouldn't have to worry about it) and Cyflash/Psyflash whatever enemies they can. The ones that survive should be finished on the enemy phase, and most of your pilots (including SRX) should be approaching 150 Will once most of them are gone.

Turn 4, get SRX and R-Gun into battle, and try to just clear out whatever bosses you have to go through with just two HTB Cannons each turn. So just use it twice without using Valor, without wasting any Enables. Take your time. If you have someone who can repair, have them do that. But don't resupply unless you really need to, because it will cost you 10 Will. So just take however many turns to down the bosses with as little SP as you can manage.

Once Vindel appears, take a turn to get everyone into position around him. This is where you'd want Leona to get ready to armor break him, although it doesn't improve your damage that much. Just get SRX and R-Gun into HTB Cannon range, get Lenoa (on Alert) into Armor Breaker range, and have your other potential attackers (you know, your favorite pilots, whoever you've been using the whole game) into attack range, ideally supporting each other to maximize damage, but if not that's OK too.

The turn after that, start with Leona and Alert+Armor Breaker. Then begin Ryusei's HTB Cannons, having Aya use Alert and Rai use Valor each time, followed by an Enable from Ring/Latooni/Radha. When Rai runs out of Valors, switch to Ryusei's Valors. When R-Gun runs out of EN, have Aya use renew instead of resupplying. When SRX runs out of EN, have Aya renew again if possible. When you run out of Enables, first use Viletta's HTB Cannon, and then your strongest combination attacks in order. Probably Rampage Ghost and then Tornado Blade (Alert+Valor with each pilot first). If he's still not dead you've probably done something wrong, but you should be able to just slowly slaughter him with Solar Panels regenerating your EN for more HTB Cannons, Valor'd or not, and using a few more Rampage Ghosts and maybe another Tornado Blade in the next turn or two.

User Info: redtide1962

7 years ago#4
Mission after this one though, anyone with SP Regenerate should fight like their lives depended on it, and you should cheese your way through each enemy with slowly regenerating EN with SRX/R-Gun, using non-valor'd Solar Panels (unless one of the SRX team has SP Regenerate, in which case you can freely spam Valor with them). Just take your time and keep your weaker pilots out of battle.

Something I found incredibly useful for this mission and especially the secret mission is having Latooni or someone with good evasion just sitting in your fighter plane (the schwert or w/e it's called) equipped with a thruster set (gives S in space) and however many regular thrusters (+25 mobility) you can spare. All of the "boss" enemies, and all of the enemies period, will try and target her despite having a 0% chance to hit, and until they get their HP down pretty low they won't be able to touch her (high level Potential). If she has SP Regenerate you can use Focus every turn when there's an enemy with low HP in case you're worried, and they won't be able to hit her at all.

This allows you to attack them safely with whatever characters you want during the player phase with no worry at all of being surprised during the enemy phase. Note that you can probably do this with any RR-type mech, but I find the Schwert to be the best because it has 4 slots, great mobility (whether you sunk points into it or not) and lower HP than anything else you've got in your battalion.

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