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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#1
well i have heard of amines for this game and was wondering if some one could tell me a site where i can find them subbed or dubbed i prefer dubbed if you know of one. thanks in advance for your help.

User Info: Shannon_Foraker

7 years ago#2
Its being streamed, subtitled, on Crunchyroll, you can watch it for free.

It is not dubbed, its still airing in Japan, so why you'd think you'd have a dub already is beyond me.
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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#3
well i did nott know when the anime originally came out so i just figured how long the game has been out in the USA that some one would have dubbed it. but thanks for the information.

User Info: Akiyama_Mio

7 years ago#4
Its called Google. ****ing use
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User Info: fighterx23

7 years ago#5
Aki please dont come in dissing people. besides i did try google but google is not perfect.

User Info: Catastrophe_X

7 years ago#6
Normally I would be inclined to agree with this, but I just searched 'Super Robot Wars Anime' in google and got links to both Divine Wars and The Inspectors.

So he is correct, google can be your friend.
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