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User Info: kaminaforeva

7 years ago#1

okay first of all i must say this board is surprisingly active but as for my question in OG 2 is there still a game over trick and if so what exactly carries over

User Info: Salocool

7 years ago#2
You may want to check the first topic of this board : it is full of useful information for any new player of Super Robot Taisen.

However, here is the answer to your query :

4. How does the Game Over trick work?
Fail a mission, don't reload your save, and redo the mission. You will keep money and experience, but NOTHING else (in particular, not kill counts).
You will not able to earn the Battle Mastery if you do this, and if you're on a New Game+ and you fail a mission where a character first appears, he will lose his extra PP.


I never needed to use it, personally, but if you find yourself frustrated by your investments of $$$ and PP, you may want to use it once or twice. If you're a strategy fan. never use it and get every BM.
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User Info: red255

7 years ago#3
Yeah unlike OG1 you lose the battlemastery. I wouldn't use it unless you've failed the battlemastery or mission and don't feel like reloading.

Only really useful for grinding out PP and money in the final mission. wnere you can kill the neu regs for 15 more PP each time (7 or so of them + a horde of minor mooks)

PP granted for an enemy you've killed before is halved the second kill onward, its not really worth doing unless theres alot of stuff to kill.
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User Info: kaminaforeva

7 years ago#4

ok thanks im not a new player i was just wondering if it was like in og 1 where almost everything carrries over thanks for the help

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