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User Info: red255

7 years ago#11
I have some offtopic questions. Can someone enlighten me :P
- are Predict and Guard useless skills (not worth the PP)?

Not worth the slot they take up normally. if you had infinite slots maybe but normally you don't have spare room.

- how does Revenge work? You do x1,2 dmg after enemy unit attacks you? Does it work with the Counter skill?

If you attack a unit (like the Einst version of the Alt or a bunch of super robot bosses, and the boss uses COUNTER, your revenge skill adds damage. If something attacked you and your counter skill activated, your attack does not do added damage.

the second being likely what you meant, but not the true answer to the question.

- Which skill increases the dmg of the Supreme attacks? Infigt, Gunfigt or both?

uh, depends on the attack. Infight raises Melee attacks by +50/rank, Gunfight raises ranged attacks +50 per rank.

So rampage ghost would be raised by Infight on Kyosuke and Gunfight on Excellen assuming each rank gives +50 to the Revolver stake, And +50 to Rampage ghost. (whose power is determined by revolver stake and Oxy rifle D's power.) so each rank of infight raises rampage ghost 75 I think. and each rank of Gunfight on excellen raises Rampage ghost 25 on Kyosuke.

But you don't increase Gunfight and Infight past +7 because its not normally worth it once you lose the bonuses to range and movement.

- What's a combo attack?

Three things you generally mean here. A character with CHAIN ATTACK attacking at range 1 with a weapon marked (C) (and ususually (P) for post move available) against a group of enemies adjacent to eachother in a line, will be allowed to attack all enemies in that line.

Combo attack at higher levels allows for longer chains, but since enemies rarely line up in lines longer than 3, combo attack +2 is as far as you typically would want to go.

Combo Attack is also an ability you can buy that makes support attacks do 100% damage instead of 70% damage.

Generally you'd want ATTACKER instead if you had a slot because its more useful.

Finally you've got attacks like Rampage Ghost, Twin Bird strike, HTB Cannon, Tornado Blade, royal heart breaker, R-formation.

which are attacks available when 2 pilots are adjacent to eachother

although you can have Mai OR villeta in the R-gun to pull off a HTB cannon, Villeta's gun costs less and does a little less damage (offset by villeta's gunfight so its not that major a hit)
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