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User Info: Chris233

11 years ago#1
V2 - Reordered, a couple corrections, a couple new questions, and some wording changes.

=== Before you play ===

0. Should I play OG1 first?
It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, yes. OG1 is generally easier and contains the story and character introductions that OG2 relies on. IMO OG2 is the better game (and it definitely has a better interface), but OG1 is pretty necessary if you want to understand a LOT more of the story, characters, and jokes.

1. What Gundams are in this? Other robots/characters from other anime/games?
None. None at all. The Original Generation games feature ONLY Banpresto-original characters and mechs.

2. What's a super robot? Real robot?
Supers are generally special mechs with high defense and low evade. They usually have over-the-top attacks and are not easily explained by science. Finally, their attacks are usually powered by energy, and most of the time don't allow you to equip more weapons to them. Examples include Giganscudo Duro, the Grungusts, and SRX.
Real robots are doable (and done) by science in the OGVerse, and are usually more focused on ranged attacks and evasion. They use (scaled-up) real weapons for the most part. Examples include the Gespensts and Huckebeins.
There are always those that toe the line or that do not fit these definitions clearly, such as Cybuster and Valsione. This argument has been done to death.

3. What does the MAN stat affect?
The Mercy seishin (spell), critical chance and critical avoid chance.

4. How does the Game Over trick work?
Fail a mission, don't reload your save, and redo the mission. You will keep money and experience, but NOTHING else (in particular, not kill counts).
You will not able to earn the Battle Mastery if you do this, and if you're on a New Game+ and you fail a mission where a character first appears, he will lose his extra PP.

5. What are all the secrets and how do I get them?
The secrets section here and the FAQs can be inaccurate or misleading. The following link is the most accurate that we know of:

=== As you play ===

6. Why is the difficulty level changing?
If you earn enough Battle Masteries, the difficulty will increase. If you don't earn many, it will decrease.

7. What skills/stats should I buy?
SP Regen for everyone. Attacker for nearly everyone. Focus for your supporters and anyone who has room and expensive seishins.
Past that, it's pretty much up to personal preference and what goes with which character/mech. I like four levels of In/Gunfight, depending on character and mech, or Guard for my Super Robot pilots.
After your skill slots are full (hard to do on many characters on your first playthrough), then I'd go for terrain or stat improvements. The final missions are in space, so I like upping the Space efficiency for characters that need it. It's really up to you though.

8. So then, at what levels do In/Gun-fight give movement/range bonuses?
Level 4 gives a bonus of one to movement/range, and level 7, two. Note that straight stat upgrades of melee/range will net you more damage, but not the extra bonuses the skills give you.

9. What weapons do I have to improve to power up my combination attacks? For that matter, what are the available combo attacks?
All can be found here: (original site seems to be down right now; that's my mirror).
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User Info: Chris233

11 years ago#2
10. I'm trying to get the Ash Saber or Vysaga.. where do I have to move Lamia to, on scenario 10 (Ethiopia route) or 13 (Moon route)?
Move her to the exact square Echidna retreated from. You may move her after ending a turn with her on the square. To make placement easier, you can leave a unit right next to Echidna, as a marker of where to move Lamia to when you make Echidna retrat.

11. How do I beat the Inspectors in scenario 15?
Position your units so that they are on the edge of the White Star (for the HP/EN regen) and the Inspectors are not on it at all, and so that the Hiryu can support defend Lune and Gilliam at the least (Viletta is not normally targetted). Have Gilliam cast Focus or Strike every turn since he has SP Regen. Go after Sikalog (in the Drukin) first; you shouldn't need spells. Have Lune dodge Silbelwind every turn. Have your PTs board the Hiryu when they need ammo reloaded.
Go after Aguija (in the Silbelwind) next. You'll need to use some seishins to hit her, but she should go down faster, and if Lune's been dodging her, her Will will probably be under 80 and Double Image won't activate.
Once Silbelwind is down, go after Mekibos (in the Greaterkin). DEFEAT GREATERKIN LAST. The strategy here is to cast seishins and have Gilliam kill Mekibos on counterattacks (if your other characters have enough SP they can help).
If you fulfilled the requirements for the Graviton Launcher earlier, it will be on Viletta and will help a lot. And if you took the Moon route and upgraded the Hiryu and gave it a Repair/Resupply unit, that will also help. The Inspectors do not have HP Regen unless you let them park on the White Star.
Finally, save often, and expect to have to reload your save a lot.

12. What's the REAL way to keep the Boosted Hammer in scenario 16? The FAQs all disagree!
Arado must defeat all the Gunsects in the first part of the mission within four turns. You MAY use the Boosted Hammer to do so. You will receive it for keeps after the scenario ends.

13. How do I defeat bosses?
This is the Best Way that will make your life the easiest, but some or even most of this is overkill, especially for the early bosses.

-Have your strong and combo weapons upgraded, at least a few levels.
-Have SP Regen and Attacker on as many characters as possible.
-Bring along your support characters (those with Enable and Hope at least, eg Radha, Lefina).
-Build your Will up carefully, if you need to do it quickly use Spirit/Drive/Rouse.
-Get the Wildwurger L (see secrets) and put Leona in it. Start off with her casting Fury and using Stun Shot.
-Have an Armor Breaker equipped on Rai. Have him cast Fury and use it (after, you can still have Aya attack, then Ryu combine, then the SRX can attack, if you have your units positioned right).
-Have Energy Drains/Takers on two or three pilots with Support Attack. If the boss doesn't have SplWpnBlock, use them to energy drain the boss and disable his shield (and/or some of his attacks, if not already stunned).
-Cast Valor and go to town with your strongest attacks. Combination attacks are the best as they functionally have Fury cast on them. Have characters with relationship bonuses (see character FAQ) DIRECTLY NEXT to each other (not diagonal) to take advantage of the bonuses.
-For the strongest bosses, abuse your Enable, Zeal, Hope, and Renew spells to spam as many of your strongest combo attack as possible. SP Drinks and repair/resupply units help too. (HTB Cannon is most likely your strongest attack, though Tornado Blade and Rampage Ghost came close for me).

14. How do I get the secret stage?
Earn at least 35 Battle Masteries. Note that stage 42 (the "last" stage) doesn't have a battle mastery to get.
..We used to swim the same moonlight waters
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User Info: Chris233

11 years ago#3
15. How do I get New Game+? How does it work?
Beat the game and save after the credits. Resume this save and you will be given the option of a special mode. Each time you do this, you will receive a larger fraction of all the money and PP earned through your previous playthroughs (so feel free to spend all your money and PP).
New Game+ is just that. Ex-hard mode is that, plus all enemies have more upgrades, plus it doesn't let you upgrade weapons and doubles skill costs. Special mode starts you off with one of each weapon and item, and each mech has 10 upgrade slots in each stat. You have to complete an Ex-Hard game before you can access Special mode.

=== Good to know ===

16. What does Gespenst mean? Alteisen Reise? Rein Weissritter? Wurger and Falken? Aussenseiter?
Literally: Ghost, Old Iron Giant, Pure White Knight, Shrike and Falcon, and Outsider.

17. What do M, R, S, and L mean in the mech names?
M = mass produced. -R = rapidity. -S = strength. R (different from the previous R) and L are prototypes made in pairs (eg the Wildwurger and Wildwurger-L, and the Huckebein 008L which was a secret in OG1).

18. Do you know where I can download the music?
NO. And if you ask or provide, you're likely to be moderated.

19. Where can I find art?,

20. What other SRW games are there in English?
This, OG1 for GBA, and SRW3 for the SNES. EX, Gaiden (Masaki storyline), 4, @, and @Gaiden are all recieving some form of fan translation.

21. When's OG3 coming out? And for what system?
As of this writing, it hasn't even been announced as in development. So we have no idea about the first, and only educated guesses for the second (DS?).

22. Darn, how about Original Generations for the PS2? And what is OGS anyway?
OGS is a retelling of OG1 and OG2, on the PS2. It's gonna be amazing. But as of this writing there is no officially announced release date. However, rumor is, sometime between February and March. In the meantime, here's a trailer:

23. How about that anime?
Unfortunatly, this isn't the board to discuss the SRW OG TV series or OVA. See on the OG1 board.

=== End ===

Thanks to: gundamtotoro, LegoTechnic, A CraZy PerSoN, Zankapatou, Slime_Knight, and Fencedude.

I've mirrored the above secrets and info sites (not the picture ones) at .

This FAQ is correct to the best of my knowledge; any corrections are welcome.
..We used to swim the same moonlight waters
Oceans away from the wakeful day..

User Info: Chris233

11 years ago#4
And, I have requested that this be stickied on Site Suggestions, so hopefully it will be soon.
..We used to swim the same moonlight waters
Oceans away from the wakeful day..

User Info: Slime_Knight

11 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: RiderOfTheHawk

11 years ago#6
Aussien REITTER means Outside Knight/ Lone Ranger/Outsider

Aussienseiter means Dark Horse.

Both of them fit into the theme, but Aussienseiter even tually won the contest.

User Info: Chris233

11 years ago#7
Slime_Knight - Ah, I'll change the link on my mirror page to that then.

RiderOfTheHawk - Thanks; wish I knew some German personally.
..We used to swim the same moonlight waters
Oceans away from the wakeful day..

User Info: Chuholubai

11 years ago#8
I could have sworn Aussenseiter means "Outsider" and its the connotation of being a Black Sheep or a Dark Horse that Vigaji read in his translator.
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User Info: Slime_Knight

11 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Fencedude

11 years ago#10

No, whatever do you mean *cough* *cough*
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