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User Info: JBMaverick84

6 years ago#1
Did a search through the forums here, all the threads about update problems seem to be at least a few months old an don't cover my specific problem.

I reinstalled NWN2 today, intending to give it another try in the hopes that the many patches since I last tried it have fixed the various problems I had with the game. I've got the hard copy (7 discs), so no digital download issues. The game seems to have patched fine to 1.06, but now the autoupdater seems to be completely unable to find the next patch in the series to 1.1. I thought I'd try going the manual patch route, but for whatever reason the download at NWVault for 106980 to 1101115 won't complete properly, stopping after no more than half the file has been downloaded.

Seeing as even a manual patch process has to go through this particular file, I can't just uninstall/reinstall and patch around it, as the problem lies with the patch data and not my installation (at least from what I can tell). It doesn't help that the NWN2 forums seem to have disappeared, so I can't go looking there either. Any suggestions? Maybe there's another mirror for this patch file?

User Info: hedin2004

6 years ago#2
You can stop on 1.06 version if you want to play original NWN2. It is very hard to find later patches exactly for original NWN2. Many bugs of original game are solved in later add-ons ("Mask of the betrayer" and later). But if we are speaking of original NWN2, 1.06 is not so bad choice. If there are bugs in this version, they can be easily solved with the game methods.

User Info: nflchamp

6 years ago#3
The autoupdater doesn't seem to work well if the installer tells it to run. If you were doing that, try running it again.

EDIT: http://games.on.net/file/17065/Neverwinter_Nights_2_English_v106980_-_v1101115_Patch

Should work.

User Info: Laclongquan

6 years ago#4
Can you beg, borrow, or steal two/three add-ons more? Each addon solve some more bugs of the original campaign. Install all of them if you can, THEN use Updater.

http://www.thieves-guild.net/index.php?ind=downloads&op=section_view&idev=10 This will provide patches for you to manually download and install if Updater is just too much a bugger to use.

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