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  3. How do I kill the red dragon?

User Info: Hyper_Sin

12 years ago#1
So I really want that dragon's hoard on Mt. Galardrym. My party is level 18. I am a sorcerer.
It seems most of our attacks don't really hit her for much. Does she have elemental resistances or insane damage reduction? Any tips on how to get rid of her?

User Info: epicmage25

12 years ago#2

all the information on red dragons in nwn 2

User Info: M Dub

M Dub
12 years ago#3
Polar Ray and Empowered Isaac's Greater Missile Storm should do a good deal as well as Khelgar by himself. Energy Immunity can block the fire breath and if you position your party right you should be able to only have it hit one person. If you have any of the Bigby's line of spells they can help if you can land them.
Beatings will continue until morale improves.

User Info: Dyndrilliac

12 years ago#4
High AC (25-30+) and Fire Immunity is all you need. Warlocks can own the dragon in their Horned Devil form (as can mages that have the Shapechange spell, or Tenser's Transformation and Energy Immunity). Red Dragon Disciples can also beat it pretty easily.

User Info: expjunkie

12 years ago#5
This is how beaten him :

You will need a sorcerer with "Isaacs missile's" spell

1. I buffed the party with everythin what is needed.
2. Stand i front of the Dragon. Choose a Melle Char. and select "broadcast" "Stand at your guard".
3. Walk with that Melee Char. to a Chest and trigger the Dragon to attack.
4. Run into the dead end behind the Dragon and stay close to the Wall.
5. Take three other Char. to the spot where the first one is.
6. Hopefully the Dragon follows the Char. to the Wall.
7. Attack Dragon with "Isaacs Missile's" instantly.
8. When he kills the Char. at the wall, he'll turn towards the Sorcerer. In that case you run the way down to the entrance.
9. The killed Char. at the Wall will be revived because the Distance is enough.
10. During that time the Sorcerer should be dead either. The Dragon will walk to the Wall again.
11. The Sorcerer will be revived, now give him the Rest when he walking towards the Wall.

I know this is a bit of a collateral way but it works. You just need to care of you "Isaacs" spells to weak him first with some "Lesser Isaacs" til he's half down and later give him the rest with "Greater Isaacs" before he can heal himself.

User Info: SKA_

12 years ago#6
or... you could have your character use the statue feats you got from the ruins, and have elanee and qara use ice storm, and let khelgar smash some faces
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User Info: BlackNite_Dante

12 years ago#7
There isn't too much that can stand up to 2 or 3 Maximised Disintigrates..
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