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User Info: tirathegreat

9 years ago#1
Okay first off,I have read tons of related topics,watched videos on youtube and did everything in the exact order they did,only seconds behind them.I pulled out the thorns in the order they did,making sure before I removed any of the membranes that it was identical to the video,yet it still creates more anytime i remove them. I use healing touch,but theres just no way in the 1900 fast seconds I get i can remove all thorns,cut all,and remove all the pieces before the time is up. I looked at the guide for this,but I don't understand it and even if I follow the guide as best i can they still create more membranes.I read info on the virus and how it works and tried to apply those rules to it but still more membranes.I want to finish this game and this virus is the only one I have trouble with,all others are not that tough for me.The reason I can't win on this is I don't understand how to do it.I simply need to know the rules of why they keep creating more membranes when I do exactly what videos do and they win,and mine creates more membranes.Please,if anyone can explain the rules of this puzzle i'll be so happy ^_^

p.s. I just tried using 2000 healing touch to do it and before I could remove all the membranes thorns grew back,and time ran out and they grew like crazy. I'm so screwed with this >_<
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