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User Info: Saphriel

10 years ago#1
Don't really have any problem in the first (web) phase. Now can clear it in about 1 in 3 tries.

But the second (laser) phase...
I already read the faqs. But still don't quite get it.
I'm planning to use the trick where you can stab him 2 times, but I can only seem to destroy his shield once before failing the mission.
He's using that triple laceration way too often...
My vital ends up dropping too fast...

My questions:
1. should I keep the laser all the time or stop when the boss runs faster?
2. should i suture any wound at all?
3. How should I manage the vital? do I need gel? at what level should I keep it? (I currently tried 30-40). When should I raise the vital? (just when the laser is not ready, or anytime the vital gets low)
4. Any other tips?

By the way, I try doing the final sin after all my losses against x7, and it's almost like a joke! Kill him on my second try easily, and the first try I did a mistake...

User Info: Saphriel

10 years ago#2
Finally did it!!!!
Took me around 3 days...

The answer to my questions, for those who might be looking for ways to beat him.
1. I try to keep the laser at all times. At the same time, hope that he don't use too many of those triple cuts.

2. I only suture wounds when vitals is more than 30 and I have depleted my laser. Or maybe when I depleted my laser and syringe.

3. Immediately raise vital with injection (try to draw the green med until the syringe full for
each injection).
I just raise the vital when the laser is depleted and the vital drop below 15. I raise the vital to more than 30 each time (drawing full green med, injecting all the content until the vital at 30s when I empty my syringe content.
Never use any gel. Only as a desperate measure when my vital drops too fast, in which case I always lose anyway.

4. It seems that Savato shield only decrease when you laser it for long enough at a time. So I learn to follow it around with laser even when he's moving fast, and only stopping for all the above conditions. It also might be useful to stop the laser when he's making triple cuts, since he seems invincible at that moment. I think waiting for the laser to recharge when it's not depleted is a waste of time, since a depleted laser charge faster than the non depleted one.
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