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User Info: pancreasman627

10 years ago#1
Does anyone know how to reformat the ds cartridge? I've been trying with online instructions because although i can save over the previous saves, I can't get rid of the challenge scores. Can I make the game like it was when originally purchased?

I've tried with a friend's ds but I have dsi. idk if it makes a difference...

User Info: LieutenantSykes

10 years ago#2
According to the game's manual, hold L+R+Up+Start when booting up the game to enter the data format menu, which I think will allow you to erase everything on the cart. I can't say for sure though, as I've never done it myself.

User Info: HuracanPolimar

10 years ago#3
Yes, only hold L+R+Up+Start when u turn on ur console and there is a confirmation screen when its says you to really want to erase all the data.
i do this to my game cartridge and its works.
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