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zscvwvw4 5 years ago#1
Hi everyone

I see that a few of you miss this game and would like to get back into it, unfortunately the english private server project is still in the works. In the meantime there's a chinese server that you can play on. there are files to change most of the text to english and old players should know enough story to get by with chinese text in the cutscenes. The link for the website is http://imagine.acg7.com/

registration is on the right side of the main page. Just enter a lower case name and password (I had a problem with it when used caps and symbols so maybe avoid those). click the gray button on the left to submit. For the Client, just click on the button that says download and grab the client an english files from google drive.

I don't seem to be able to run the game in windowed mode but it works fine in fullscreen. As I mentioned before, cutscenes have only chinese text and so do some of the tutorial screens but the rest of what I've seen has been in english. I didn't get to play much before so I don't know if anything has been tweaked, I do know that the mailbox was full of items so be sure to check those out.
KevinSephiroth 5 years ago#2
Thanks a lot man for sharing this! I might give it a go at some point for sure. Hopefully this 'version' has all the up-to-date JP updates and stuff, unlike the NA server we had which had like 2 years old content lol

Anything is nice anyway at this point since even the JP server is shutdown now lol ;)
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solais 5 years ago#3
I saw someone on the megaten fanforums mention this one. I heard it was based on like the vanilla version of megaten, meaning its way further behind than the english version we had lol.

But yeah, its better than nothing I suppose :)
xenosaga123 5 years ago#4
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