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User Info: MountainSpring

12 years ago#1
At anytime during the game, do you need to have groups to lvl/advanced?

I prefer to solo and not need other players. Will I hit a wall at some point?

User Info: neoX

12 years ago#2
Not solo friendly. Find another game~

User Info: Runner_style

12 years ago#3
This game IS solo friendly if you know what you're doing.

Gunners can solo from the get go while others such as mage and melee will require team based work at the start. Due to the strength they obtain at later levels they can start to solo easily.

User Info: neoX

12 years ago#4
Not really solo friendly considering it would take 20-50 minutes to solo suginami gold for a super decked out gunner. It will take thousands of runs to obtain the max level. So unless you want to play the game until you are 40 years old then it's not solo friendly.

Plus, a good gunner will be decked out and thus be well funded and leveled to begin with.... therefore you have a paradox.

You can probably solo comfortable to level 40, but 45 and up will become very slow. Not to mention soloing suginami gold will be hard to do effectively by yourself in the low 50s. Keep in mind every death you will lose experience... so your goal is going to be to clear gold with minimal deaths... and at the higher levels even 1 death will cancel an entire gold run because of the experience loss.

Not to mention this game can turn ugly quick.. even for the super decked out. All it takes is a few well places attacks by the bosses or giant enemies to kill anyone.

User Info: chocomog

12 years ago#5
you *can* but it's very exp inefficient.

unless you like leveling slower than you could be for some reason, teamwork is the way to go.
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User Info: xxPearzxx

12 years ago#6
Yes It is possible to solo almost the whole game.

This requires a player to be extremely competent or you will level slower then teaming.

I personally leveled from 37~ish - 88? now purely solo. I gained more exp then teams because I could level anytime I wanted with more exp per hour then teaming. Was much more effective then joining teams.

This requires top of the line gear, and tons of money to be able to level so fast.


This was me soloing Ichi gold almost 2 months ago (Best EXP dungeon atm)
, soloing a dungeon faster then a whole team would take to clear it (at that point in time, differnt now). Showing EXP soloing is worth it if you have top notch gear. (Was frapped cause what I did was supposidly was impossible as it was impossible for 1 player to sol ofaster then a team)

User Info: shadowgar

12 years ago#7
Problem with Pearz post is shes using an enhancer melee build which was pretty amazing back then. But post update enhancement is pretty weak unless you invest a significant ammount of int and she also uses a soul fused Tanki crystal which isn't too useful now since you take alot of damage.

You could probably still solo Ichi gold using a pure melee or melee enhancer or Retaliation DD at the moment though but the level requirements are definitely alot higher. Also you'd still need top notch gear mostly taroted and soul fused.

Wouldn't bother though, you're probably better off playing another game and saving your time.
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User Info: neoX

12 years ago#8
Why bother solo ichi gold? I can do 6-7 ichi gold runs in 30 minutes with a team. I can do that back to back for hours. Still think you can out exp a team?

User Info: xxPearzxx

12 years ago#9
@shadowgengar: i Lost 10% on my ehance atm, but i gained regal that makes up everything. Also removed my tank for sucubus for the Int I need. Rember Mistellien = spear. Regal spear toggle = 40% boast to spin damage. More then makes up the chunk you lost on top floor. IN boss room I lost 10% damage from my Ehance, but gained like 20% from my gear? Also if I bothered to make a 5 slot Blunt weapon I could get 40% more damage from the blunt toggle (which would greatly out damage my Duft spear you see me using)

Rember your 6-7 runs in half an hour including trestoing out after boss, Assume 5 player team, your taking a 40% penalty. I would only need to do 4.2 runs to match the same exp you get with your team. Also your doing speed runs, I can clean also do 6 runs per half an hour too, with out that Party penalty you would get.

Like I said if you want top exp it requires top notch gear and alot of money to be able to do it. A ridiculously large amount of money that would not be affordable to pretty much everyone.

User Info: neoX

12 years ago#10
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