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User Info: Dragonmaster29

12 years ago#1
Has anyone managed to spawn Nyarlathotep or Phantom in Nakano? I've gone near tree's that said 'You can feel a strange presence emanating from it' or something like that. It's caused me to go on a mystery hunt for no good reason. XD

Wondering if its connected to the area bosses, and if I need a special item to trigger them.

User Info: Demigod_Guyra

12 years ago#2
I play at the JP Server, but the information here should help you,

There are 4 new bosses, I'll list them here.


He appears in Nakano at these coordinates: X18 Y23/24, but only around New Moon from 0:00 to 6:00. So if you want to take him down, you have to be quick. He's one of the easier boss fights. His minions consist of mutated Spectres and mutated Shadows, both are aggressive. Lightning/Hama is the main element to use here, as they are weak against them.

You can get the Phantom plugin from an NPC in Ueno or Souhouzan (Don't remember which), but it's from a quest. To activate it, you need a Surt or an Immature Surt. (Inexperienced? Surt) You must have either devil summoned out if you want the quest from the NPC.


He appears in Shibuya at these coordinates: X20 Y23, at supposedly random times (Since there doesn't seem to be an exact time he appears.) The only weakness he has is Mudo, so he can be difficult if you don't have a gunner or a warrior with a mudo-based weapon with you. Avoid using Fire and Wind, since he nullifies those elements. When he enters, he looks like he as the confused status. Even with that, he is still a major threat since his attacks can heavily damage you. His minions consist of Mutated Powers, Avatar of Form(?) Angels (stronger than normal), and Avatar of Form(?) Powers (Megidoraon!). Raphael and all Powers can detect you from far away, so be prepared.

Avoid using blunt-based weapons on powers unless you want Reflecticide.

You can get the Raphael plugin from an NPC at the Arcadia Gates in Shinagawa, but it's part of a quest. To activate it, you need Uriel or Immature Uriel. (Inexperienced? Uriel) You must have either devil summoned out if you want the quest from the NPC.


There are "two" bosses, but the 2nd one has a 20% chance of appearing. Both of these fights are rather difficult if unprepared, as both bosses have anti-knockback.

Both of them appear at Nakano at these coordinates: X21 Y24, he appears during full moon (whole phase.) However, you need a "Shining Trapozehedron" to summon him. The first phase is "Burning Three-eyed" Nyarlathotep, and he has no weaknesses. Avoid using all magic attacks (He Nullifies them), Maryoku(?) based attacks (Absorbs), and Hama/Mudo attacks (resists.) However, any elemental weapon is fair game. His minions consist of Nightmare Black Oozes (weak to Lightning and Hama), but they can use Fog Breath and the Area Counter, so watch out for those. Use grand curse for the Oozes since they can be rather troublesome.

If you're lucky, "Crawling Chaos" Nyarlathotep will appear (Same resistances and weaknesses.) The minions are smaller, weaker versions of the main boss. I am unsure if his minions nullify magic attacks, so you may have to experiment. Make sure to avoid using Maryoku(?) based weapons/skills/spells as they can absorb them; avoid Hama/Mudo weapons as well.

"Crawling Chaos" Nyarlathotep is the most important, as he drops a special item that is needed to give you the Nyarlathotep plugin. There is no need to activate a quest for the plugin (Due to the fact that its a real pain to get the Shining Trapozehedron.)

If there are any mistakes, you are welcome to correct them. (This goes for anyone reading this.)

User Info: Dragonmaster29

12 years ago#3
Thanks a million! I've seen/heard of players that defeated Nyarlathotep, but still no idea on how to attain the Shining Trapezohedron.

Still, thanks for the time warning on Phantom. I usually farm around there, so i'll steer clear when its a New Moon. >>

User Info: Demigod_Guyra

12 years ago#4
To make a Shining Trapozehedron, you have to get 5 pieces of "Trapozehedron", and you can get those by diffusing (or junking) a junk item. There's a low chance to get the Trapozehedron material though (1%).

However, a CP item, Maximillian Ring can also be diffused, and you can get a 72% chance of getting 2 Trapozehedrons by diffusing it.

Both percentages are from using a General Returner I believe.

After you get 5 pieces of Trapozehedron, you have to speak to an NPC at Souhouzan to turn them in for a Shining Trapozehedron.
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