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User Info: timcoolman

11 years ago#1
*Just a heads up: I might be more specific than necessary, but I want to be detailed so maybe someone else will see something I'm missing*

I just bought Call of Duty 2, used, from Amazon.com. Came in the case w/ manual, the CDs appear to be in excellent condition.

When I first tried to install the game from the auto-play menu, I got an error saying something about a missing MSVCR80.dll file needed by TortoiseSVN (this is a subversion repository client, should have nothing to do with COD2). I read that TortoiseSVN has caused this problem with other programs too, and that uninstalling TortoiseSVN took care of the problem. I use this program quite a bit, so I wanted to avoid having to uninstall, so I managed to get the Call of Duty 2 installer to run by opening the CD directory and manually running the setup.exe instead of using the auto-play menu.

From there the game seemed to install perfectly. My CD-key was accepted and the first thing I did was try out the multiplayer. I saw that a patch was available so I downloaded the 1.3 patch (the game installed at 1.2 out of the box). After installing the patch I played multiplayer for about an hour and it worked perfectly.

Then I decided to try out the single player. But I can not get it to open. The CD (disc 1) is in the drive and is recognized. I've tried restarting, reinstalling COD2, and restarting again.

-I tried opening it by choosing "Single Player" from the Multiplayer menu, wouldn't work.
-I tried opening it from the desktop shortcut, wouldn't work.
-I tried opening it from the main directory (Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\CODSP_s.exe), wouldn't work.
-I tried opening it from the CD's auto-play menu, and I get the same error as described above, because of TortoiseSVN.

It is difficult to troubleshoot because other than from the auto-play menu, I don't get any error at all. The cursor turns hour-glass for a moment as though it's thinking, but nothing happens.

I suppose I should try uninstalling TortoiseSVN, but I have a feeling that isn't really the problem, I think it is ONLY conflicting with the auto-play menu. Because if I try to open single-player any other way there is no error whatsoever.

I tried reinstalling DirectX, however I figured that would make no difference, after all...the Multiplayer worked perfectly. I know my computer can handle it:

53GB Free Harddrive space (AFTER COD2 installation)
3.4GHz Processor
ATI X600 256MB Graphics Card

I know...this is a tough one being that there is no error message to hint at the problem, but maybe someone has had this problem before and can help me out. I've never had any problems with games working before (I currently have Halo, COD, COD:UO, and Half-Life 2).


User Info: timcoolman

11 years ago#2
An update on my issue...

I went ahead and uninstalled TortoiseSVN, the program that was causing the auto-play menu errors. I uninstalled COD2 and reinstalled, launching the installation this time from the auto-play menu. Worked fine this time, no errors. Also, this time through the installation, it gave me a couple extra options/dialog boxes that I didn't see when launching the setup manually, so I was hopeful that this time there would be no trouble.

WRONG. Once again, I finished the installation, restarted the computer, and still, Multiplayer works fine, but any way I try to run single player, nothing happens. No error or anything. I even opened up my task manager and watched the processes as I tried to open. Nothing happens. It's like it's not even executing the CoD2SP_s.exe file.

So I'm stumped. The only other possible reason I can think of is some compatibility issue with my CD drive, because if I'm not mistaken, the CD is required to run single player mode. My drive is a "Dual Layer Sony CD/DVD R/RW IDE Model DRU710A." Still, I hesitate at this possiblity because the installer appeared to run just fine, so obviously my drive reads the discs.

Oh, I also tried opening it with NO disc in the drive to see if it would give me an "insert disc" error message. Nope. That's another reason why I'm skeptical that it's the drive.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome. I suppose I should try contacting Activision support as well.

Thanks X 2.

User Info: mantis789

11 years ago#3

I'm usually bad at reading long topics but have you tried to copy every file from your cod2 installer disk to your hdd and installing it from there?

Create an iso file and use Daemon Tools to run a virtual drive and mount the iso.

See if that helps...

User Info: veggie530

11 years ago#4
Wow, I'm lost on what the problem could be but I'm having the exact same problem. I also had the error you spoke of (so I downloaded the MSVCR80.dll and got the game to open at the very least) but the single player no longer opens. Are you on Vista?
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