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User Info: pyromaster06

11 years ago#11
We begin the epic tale of Milo and the Rainbow Nasties on an ordinary day, with Milo engaging in his ordinary pointless-yet-hilarious antics. Little did he know, that his skies would soon face dark changes
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User Info: HawkKalas

11 years ago#12
"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." ~ Winston Churchill
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User Info: milothefan

11 years ago#13
Suddenly, while Milo was being awesome as usual, the sky went dark and a giant rainbow formed. Milo watched as little nasty things descended onto his peaceful board...
You put the r in stupid
"Leave it to Milo to make a stupid, yet interesting topic. >_>"~AbyssDragonazzo

User Info: thaGreatness

11 years ago#14
What kind of sick twisted person kills rainbows?

....wait, rainbow nasties? Oh, yeah, **** those guys.
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User Info: Tithenion

11 years ago#15
Well that was easy. Now try to find mine. <_<
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User Info: vujman

11 years ago#16
Muy dificil
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User Info: MadGamer

11 years ago#17
That was hard.
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User Info: IgnisMagnus

11 years ago#18
From MadGamer
That was hard.

That's what she said.
IgnisMagnus - *gunned down*

User Info: I_Rise_Again

11 years ago#19
We all know Metroid can't be killed off so easily. He always comes back.- Snooch
He's like Genital Herpes. But in a good way.- druid of death

User Info: kiSsMeJawMyBAE

11 years ago#20
Pump that Milo action.
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