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User Info: AHLERS

11 years ago#1
Okay I know the black flute repel's pokemon somewhat. Does anyone know how long/how many steps it repels pokemon. or if it just reduces the rate for a certain period of time (and if it does how long does the effect last?)

I couldnt find the info, thanks guys.
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User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
11 years ago#2
I've heard that it only repels for one step after you use it. I never tested it myself, though.
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User Info: samfyl

11 years ago#3
as far is i'm concerned, black/white flutes don't serve any purpose. you'd literally have to play it every step you make. waste of time if you ask me. one step of effectiveness is not worth the million steps you made to get the damn flute in the first place.
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