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User Info: RandommmNameee

10 years ago#1
If so, any PS3 owners who are knowledgeable of Heavy Rain? How awesome would it be if they made an FSN game with the Heavy Rain gameplay/format? Never gonna happen, but how awesome would that be?
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User Info: Wakko2000

10 years ago#2
You know, I was thinking the exact same thing as I was playing through FSN: "isn't this kinda like what Heavy Rain is trying to accomplish with its gameplay style?"

Although from the previews I've seen, Heavy Rain seems to be quite QTE (quick-time execution) oriented. This is unlike FSN, where you can take the time to ponder which choices are the correct ones to take.
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User Info: Freakwave003

10 years ago#3
Yeah, I'm heavily anticipating Heavy Rain.
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User Info: supershadowsaga

10 years ago#4
I can't wait for Heavy Rain. I might GTA(playthrough it recklessly/trying to die) it the first time though.
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User Info: HollowNinja

10 years ago#5
I have a PS3, but I'm not too sure about Heavy Rain.
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