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  3. How do I access Heaven's Feel?

User Info: smartalek

11 years ago#1
I just beat UBW, but I just want to know how I can access Heaven's Feel through the storyline? Something to do with conversing with Sakura? Thanks.

User Info: Smelly_Goomba

11 years ago#2
Just choose everything that involves Sakura in some way.


-I'll go and help Sakura (+1 Sakura point)

-I'll go and help out the student council (+1 Rin point) OR / I'll go to work ((I have no idea if Rin points matter for Heaven's Feel))

-I'll take Sakura home (+1 Sakura Route)

-I'll make one more dish since Sakura's coming (+1 Sakura Route and 1 = Shirou's bruise)

-I'm worried about Sakura (+1 Sakura Route)


- Save Saber...!

You need 3 Sakura Route points to get into Heaven's Feel.
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User Info: that_one_guy

11 years ago#3
Just FYI, most of it's not translated. Everything up to day 4, and there are a few new scenes and a cliffhanger style scene, are translated though. I figured I'd just throw that out there.
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  3. How do I access Heaven's Feel?
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