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User Info: KarsUltimate

9 years ago#1
No ****ing way. If they're really gonna do this, I'll hope there is a chance that all the remakes will at least come to the US (if not EU).

Any videos, images, or otherwise information on this game, by the way?

Also in response to the other topic... I can agree with your sentiments (only thing is if it went more in depth with Zio and some of the stuff toward the end), and well, I'm not too fond of the art style in the previous remakes, but I have hope. Also if it goes well maybe a 1-player game which has some sort of bond to the Algol system could see the light of day (since phans have argued that a true sequel would be impossible).

User Info: Rolen74

9 years ago#2
Not going to happen. The PS2 is done. They've moved on.
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