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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#1
This is the latest and most likely the last version of the sticky topic. Please read through this topic before posting on the boards. If any question you have is not answered here, feel free to post here or on the boards, but please don't go off topic.

1) What is Fire Emblem?
2) Which game is this in the series?
3) What are the differences between FE7 and FE8?
4) Differences between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty
5) Trainees
6) Skills
7) Stealing items
8) Repairing items
9) Myrrh's Dragonstone
10) Metis's Tome
11) Triangle Attack
12) Supports
13) What should I promote (character) into?
14) The "Jeigan": Seth
15) Side Quests
16) Backtracking
17) Eirika's and Ephraim's routes
18) Bonus Dungeons & Secret Characters
19) The Silver Card and the Members Card
20) Free map mode
21) Secret Shops
22) Glitches
23) Stat caps
24) Stat Growths
25) EXP formula
26) Credits
27) Links

1) What is Fire Emblem?
Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy RPG from Intelligent Systems, the makers of Advance Wars.

What make Fire Emblem different from other SRPGs is that when a friendly unit dies, it is gone forever. If you want to continue the game with that character in your army, you must restart the chapter. There is no way to revive units that have died.

2) Which game is this in the series?

This game is actually the eighth game in the Fire Emblem series. For a history of the Fire Emblem games, see below.

1)Fire Emblem (NES) 1990
Starred Marth, the first Lord.

2)Fire Emblem Gaiden (NES) 1991
Side story to the original Fire Emblem.

3) Fire Emblem (SNES) 1993
The first SNES Fire Emblem. Starred Marth as well. Book 1 was a remake of FE and then there was a new adventure in Book 2.

4) Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (SNES) 1996
Starred Sigurd, took place on a different continent with different characters.

5) Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (SNES) 1999/2000
Starred Leif. Same continent as Genealogy of Holy War. A midquel to FE4, featuring some of the same characters in FE4 but in a different time frame. Takes place between certain parts of FE4(ending before the FE4 finale) in a different region than the protagonist of the FE4.

6) Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi (Sealed Sword) (GBA) 2002
Starred Roy, son of Eliwood of Pherae (FEUS). It took place on a completely new continent, Elibe and no characters from previous games returned.This is the first GBA FE game.

US release: Super Smash Bros Melee (GCN) 2001
Both Marth and Roy made appearances as secret characters.

7) Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (Fire Emblem) (GBA) 2003
This was the first Fire Emblem released in the US and called "Fire Emblem" but is known by most fans as Fire Emblem 7 for clarity. Many people consider this to be the first Fire Emblem. FE7's story is actually set before FE6's.

8) Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA) 2004/2005
The board you are on. Takes place on an entirely new continent, Magvel, with no returning characters. Stars Eirika and Ephraim.

9) Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GCN) 2005
Stars Ike. Again, it takes place on a new continent (Telius) and has new characters. Estimated US release: November. First Fire Emblem in 3D and with FMVs.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#2
3) What are the differences between FE7 and FE8?

-There is now a world map where you can choose your destination.
-Monsters, and random battles are now possible.
-Branched promotion system and more classes.
-Only one side quest, and it is a mandatory level
-No tactician, tactics rating or tactician bonus
-Able to buy weapons and items from the world map.
-Less chapters
-Possible to buy stat-boosting items
-All the difficulty levels are unlocked at the start of the game
-No more Hard Mode bonuses for special enemy units.
-Paladins lost the use of axes.
-Valkyries now use Light Magic.
-Sages can now use Light Magic
-Druids can now use Anima Magic.
-Generals can now use swords.
-No Fell Contract promotion item (Thieves now use the Ocean Seal).
-No Mine item.
-No Light Rune item.
-No Uber Spear.
-Metis's Tome replaces Afa Drops.
-There are still CGs, but they only appear during the ending sequence.
-The dancer class no longer has rings to temporarily boost stats.

New Classes
Super Trainees
Great Knight
Mage Knight
Wyvern Knight

4) Differences between Easy, Normal and Hard Difficulty

-Easy mode has a tutorial for the first few chapters. Also includes extra script as the characters teach you the basics.
-Normal mode is the game without the tutorial.
-Hard Mode is a more difficult version of the game, with more enemies and better enemy stats.

5) Trainees

Ross, Amelia and Ewan belong to a special class called the trainees. They are slightly different from the regular units in that they can have 50 levels of growth instead of the usual 40. Once you've gotten their initial classes to level 10, go into a new battle map and they will promote at the start of the chapter.

The system goes like this:
Trainee for 10 levels, automatic promotion at level 10
Class one (for example, Fighter) for the usual 20 levels max.
Class two (for example, Warrior) for the usual 20 level max.

To gain access to the Super Trainee class, you have to play through the game twice, once on Eirika's route and one on Ephraim's. When you start a third game, they
have the options to become Super Trainees. Amelia and Ross gain a +15% critical bonus, while Ewan gains the use of all magics.

Trainee for 10 levels, automatic promotion at level 10, choose Recruit/Journeyman/Pupil when prompted.
Class one, usual 20 levels max.

To finally promote them to Super Trainees, they need certain promotion items:

Amelia: Knight Crest
Ross: Hero Crest
Ewan: Guiding Ring

The game "remembers" how many times you've cleared the game, so you can safely overwrite a save slot if you have no more free slots.

Fear the Excalibolg.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#3
6) Skills

Certain units have skills that aid them in battle.

General: Great Shield; prevents all damage for one attack.
Sniper: Sure Shot; 100% hit for one attack.
Wyvern Knight: Pierce; ignore enemy's defense for one attack.
Bishop: Slayer; x3 damage vs all monsters.
Assassin: Silencer; automatic one-hit KO regardless of damage dealt
Assassin: Enhanced vision; see 8 squares around the unit in fog.
Assassin: Disable traps; disable any poison or fire trap.
Thief: Steal; Steal items from enemies.
Rogue: Steal; Steal items from enemies.
Rogue: Pick; open chests and doors without keys.
Rogue: Enhanced vision: see 8 squares around the unit in fog.
Rogue: Disable traps; disable any poison or fire traps.
Dancer: Dance; makes a grayed-out unit move again.
Summoner: Summon; summons a phantom soldier.
Berserker: Critical bonus; +15% to critical rate.
Swordmaster: Critical bonus: +15% to critical rate.
Super Trainee (Ross and Amelia): Critical bonus: +15% to critical rate.

Formulas for the skills

Great Shield: 1% for each level your opponent has (max 20%)
Sure Shot: 1% for each level your Sniper has (max 20%)
Pierce: 1% for each level your Wyvern Knight has (max 20%)
Slayer: always on
Silencer: half the normal critical rate
Critical bonus: always on

When two skills activate at the same time
Great Shield will nullify the effects of Pierce (No damage).
Silencer will override Great Shield (1 hit KO).

7) Stealing items

Colm and Rennac can only steal items from enemies if their Speed is higher than the intended target's, and they have a free slot in their inventory. They cannot steal weapons.

8) Repairing items
The durability of a weapon can be restored using the Hammerne staff. All weapons except for the Dragonstone can be repaired.

Where to find the Hammerne staff:

Eirika Chapter 14: The top-most chest on the map.
Ephraim Chapter 14: The chest on the right in the three-chest room.

Lyon also has a Hammerne Staff when you recruit him in Map mode.

9) Myrrh's Dragonstone

Myrrh's Dragonstone has 50 uses, and cannot be repaired by the Hammerne Staff.

An alternative weapon for Myrrh is the Wretched Air weapon from the Dragon Zombies. To get it, you need to perform the 'control enemy glitch'. Check below or the FAQ on how to perform this.

10) Metis's Tome

The Metis's Tome works the same way as the Afa Drops in FE7. It gives a 5% boost to all growth rates of a single character.

For some bizzare reason, some people refer to it as the 'Metris' Tomb'.

11) Triangle Attack

The triangle attack is a special attack that takes place when Vanessa, Tana and Syrene surround an enemy.


is one example of how to arrange the units.

Where X is your flying unit and E is the enemy.

Once you choose to attack, all three of them will attack the enemy at once. This attack is always a critical hit, with a 100% hit rate.

Unlike the previous game, it can be done by flyers of different classes. The minimum requirement is that two of the female flyers must be Pegasus or FalcoKnights. The third female flyer can be a flyer of any class. However, the Wyvern Knight must be the initiator of the attack.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#4
12) Supports

The support system is designed to give combat bonuses to characters. Supports have the ability to raise attack, defence, hit percentages, avoid rates, critical rates and critical avoid rates when two compatible units are near each other (up to three squares away).To gain support levels, have the two compatible units stand next to each other for a number of turns. After the required number of turns, the Support option will appear in the menu.

Note that it is possible for a unit to have a mix of support bonuses. For example, Joshua can have support conversations with both Gerik and L'Arachel. When the two units are near Joshua, Joshua will gain support bonuses from both Gerik and L'Arachel.

Each unit has 5 supports per game. Support Level A takes up 3, B takes up 2, and C takes up 1.

13) What should I promote (character) into?

One of the most common questions on the message board is that of promotion, and what is the better option when it comes to promoting characters. For example, many people have asked which is a better promotion choice for Amelia, a Cavalier or a Knight.

The answer is really up to you. Most of the classes have their own pros and cons, so it depends on how you want to play your game. Your characters are also strong enough that they can easily get through the game no matter what class they are promoted to.

However, some characters do better when promoted to a specific class. When both Ewan and Knoll are promoted to a Summoner, for example, Knoll will come out on top, because his Phantoms are much stronger than Ewan's.

Many of the pre-promoted characters in this game, such as Seth and Syrene, are also worth using, unlike FE7.

14) The "Jeigan": Seth

Many people in this game have labeled Seth, the first Paladin you get at the start of the game, FE8's Jeigan. However, some beg to differ.

It's true that Seth sucks away important exp points from your other characters for the first few chapters. However, unlike previous Jeigans, Seth has good growth rates, and is quite possibly the strongest Jeigan. Once the Tower opens up after Chapter 8, the exp point issue becomes irrelevant, since there will be infinite exp points from the tower.

Seth is a unit worth using, just not in the early chapters. FYI, the term Jeigan comes from the first Fire Emblem.

15) Side Quests

There is only one Side Quest in this game, Chapter 5x. This chapter is a mandatory chapter and you access it no matter what.

16) Backtracking

Once you clear a chapter on the world map, you cannot go back to it unless it is a random battle site. However, during a random battle, all the shops and arenas are destroyed temporarily. This means that arenas cannot be accessed again once you've cleared a chapter.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#5
17) Eirika's and Ephraim's Routes

After Chapter 8, you will have to choose between two routes: Eirika's and Ephraim's. The choice you make will determine the location of the next 6 chapters. Chapters 15, 16 and the Final Chapter will also differ slightly depending on who you choose. Other than that, there is no major difference. You get the same characters along both paths. However:

Cormag joins as a Level 9 unit in Ephraim's route, a Level 11 unit in Eirika's route.
Duessel joins at Level 8 in Ephraim's route, Level 10 in Eirika's route.
Innes joins at Level 1 in Eirika's route, Level 3 in Ephraim's route.
Saleh joins at Level 1 in Eirika's route, Level 4 in Ephraim's route.

The higher level versions of these characters will have their stats changed by small amounts, due to auto-levelling. Knoll's stats may also vary.

If the other Lord (the one you didn't choose in the intermission chapter) is below Level 15, he or she will be brought up to Level 15 when Chapter 15 begins. If Eirika or Ephraim is above Level 15, then this auto-levelling will not happen.

For arena abusers, take note that the arena in Eirika Chapter 10 has no shop. This means no buying of Heal staves. Buy all you can before going into the map, if you plan to arena abuse.

The choice you make will also determine the Main Lord for the rest of the game. If you choose Ephraim, the Supply command will transfer over to him.

18) Bonus Dungeons and Secret Characters

There are two extra dungeons in the game, the Valni Tower and the Lagdou Ruins, which appear after Chapter 8 and Chapter 19 respectively. Both are dungeons filled with monsters and treasure.

The Tower has 8 floors while the Ruins has 10.

You can visit these locations as many times as you wish, and each time you leave a dungeon, all the monsters and treasure inside will be replenished for later visits. Many of the monsters and treasures are random, but there are some fixed groups of monsters and treasures, such as the bosses on each floor.

When the Tower first opens, you are limited to exploring the first few floors. To open up more floors, you have to beat more story chapters. However, once you leave the Tower or Ruins, you have to start again from the first floor, no matter how far you were during the previous run.

How the Tower floors are unlocked:

Floor 1 opened after Chapter 8 Finished
Floor 2 opened after Chapter 9 Finished
Floor 3 opened after Chapter 10 Finished
Floor 4 opened after Chapter 11 Finished
Floor 5 opened after Chapter 12 Finished
Floor 6 opened after Chapter 13 Finished
Floor 7 opened after Chapter 15 Finished
Floor 8 opened after Chapter 15 Finished

During Map Mode, you can gain secret characters by completing certain tasks in the Tower and Ruins. All of these characters are enemies/special allies from the game. See the Codes and Secrets section for info on how to obtain these characters.

Any character you get from the Tower or Ruins is given to you at the start of the next battle after you fulfill their requirements.

19) The Silver Card and Members Card

The Silver Card is located in Chapter 15, and allows a 50% discount on all items in all shops.

The Members Card allows access to the Secret Shops. Rennac has it. Recruit Rennac to get the card, or steal it from him.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#6
20) Map Mode/Creature Campaign

Once you have finished a game and saved the Epilogue, you are free to roam around the world by selecting the map option from the main menu. You can shop for items, take part in random battles, enter the Ruins and Tower to obtain the secret characters, and obtain supports. The Secret Shops will also start selling stat-boost items. However, you cannot go back to the main story or watch the epilogue again. You also cannot transfer your characters over when you start a new game (aka New Game+).

21) Secret Shops

The Secret Shops are stores that are normally not accessible through normal means. To gain access to them, you need the Member's Card.

One thing that was changed from the Japanese FE8 is that the Secret Shops will only sell the stat-boost items during Map mode.

Location of the Secret Shops:

Chapter 14 Eirika: At the end of the grassy path to the left of the throne room
Chapter 14 Ephraim: On the left-hand side in the middle of the map, where the Archer with the Body Ring was standing
Chapter 19: On the right hand side of the map, in the small alcove above the row of chests

22) Glitches

-Dragon Stone glitch from FE6 does not exist
-RNG abuse still exists

Slayer/Ivadli glitch:

It occurs when a Bishop equipped with Ivaldi attacks a monster. The Bishop skill Slayer multiplies damage vs. monsters by 3, and Ivaldi does the same by 2. However, instead of doing x6 damage, the Ivaldi boost sort of overwrites Slayer, and only does x2 in total.

Bishop/Staff glitch:

When a monster attacks a staff-holding bishop, the staff will be glowing, like a critical-damage weapon. This is just a graphical glitch that has no effect on gameplay.

Wyvern Knight/Pierce Glitch

If a Wyvern Knight activates Pierce when he/she is attacking with a ranged weapon (e.g Javelin, Spear, etc), the game will freeze up.

Tower/Entombed Glitch

On Chapter 9 Eirika or Ephraim, there is a trick you can perform at the tower to quickly level up your characters.

1.Enter the tower, start the battle.
2.Retreat the battle and then save the game. Reset the game.
3.Restart the chapter. Go to the tower.

There should be an Level 6 Entombed that is near to you. Kill it to get mucho exp points.

This works at Difficult mode.

-Credit for the glitch goes to Brifox7.

Fear the Excalibolg.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#7
Unlimited Swiftsoles

There is a trick to getting unlimited Swiftsoles from the ruins. It involves a small abuse of the RNG system.

To perform the RNG trick, select a unit who has normal terrain surrounding him/her (it's easiest to do if the unit has an odd amount of move, e.g 5, 7, etc).

Select them with A and when you are selecting which space to move them to, use up all of their movement, but end up on a space adjacent to them. This is usually done by moving the arrow around the character. For example, up, right, down, down, left. Then you move your cursor to the space directly diagonal from the character that doesn't have part of the arrow on it.

In this example, you would press left again. Now, since the arrow can't be 6 spaces long, the game automatically generates a new arrow leading to that space. In doing so, it uses a RN (random number) to decide whether the arrow should move down and then left or left and then down.

After that, press B to cancel unit selection, and then press A to re-select the unit and repeat as often as you want.

Now, the Swiftsole trick:

1. Do a Hard Reset
2. Enter the ruins
3. Perform the RNG trick 13 times
4. Retreat and re-enter
5. Retreat and re-enter
6. Retreat and re-enter
7. There should be a wight near the upper-right hand corner that drops a swiftsoles; kill him
8. Retreat and save
9. Repeat trick as often as you like

Credit for this trick goes to ultimaruneblade.

Unlimited Gold from the Ruins

This works once you've beaten the game.

1. Reset your game (either hard or soft reset)
2. Enter the ruins, and immediately retreat.
3. Save your game and enter the ruins again.

The first Wight in front of you should have a Brave Sword. Two more Wights nearby will have a Brave Bow and an Orion's Bolt. All of these items are obtainable once you've killed them.

Selling these items will net you about 12500 Gold.

Once this trick is performed, you can perform it as many times as you like.

Control the enemy units

You need a summoner for this trick.

Get the summoner to summon a phantom and place it within range of an enemy unit.

Typically, the enemy unit will attack and kills the phantom. As soon as the phantom dies, but the enemy unit is still "selected" by the enemy (not greyed out), reset your GBA (hard or soft reset).

If you timed your reset well, then when you resume the chapter, you will be able to control all the enemy units that have not yet moved in the current turn.

To get monster weapons normally not available to your units, make an enemy monster trade their weapons with one that has a obtainable item (e.g replace the obtainable item with the one you want). Kill the monster and you should get the weapon.

All units can use the monster weapons as their weapon level is -.

Credit goes to eugene171 for that trick.
Fear the Excalibolg.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#8
Controlled Level Ups

According to Ghost of Erk, it's possible to control which stats gain a point upon levelling up when you're in the tower.

First, the basic steps:

1. Move onto the tower on the world map.
2. Retreat.
3. Hard reset.
4. Enter the tower.
5. Make sure it's the map with a monster holding an iron lance and a droppable(flashing) runesword.
6. Place desired leveling unit front and center.
7. Place Tethys below respective unit.
8. Begin battle.

Now, depending on which stats you want to level up, there are two ways that you can go from here:

1. *Strength, Skill, Speed, (*HP or *Resistance if growth is high enough):

Move unit 5 spaces forward.
Waste one RN with Tethys.
Use tethys to dance for respective unit.
Use a ranged weapon to kill the boss in two blows.

*Resistance growth must be at least 35, and HP growth must be at least 60.

2. *HP, Luck, Defense, Resistance:

Move unit 5 spaces forward.
Dance for unit with Tethys.
Attack boss, or a monster that will yield a level up with respective unit.
Your unit SHOULD critical and kill in one hit. If not, this method will not

*HP is gained at a 50 growth rate, I'm trying to find out how low it goes.

Note: The Hard Reset will only go this map in the normal campaign. In creature campaign, you must find retreat and re-enter until you find the map if you want to use this trick.

Credit for this trick goes to Ghost of Erk.

23) Stat caps

HP, Luck and Move are not included because all of them have a maximum of 60, 30 and 15 respectively.

All non-promoted units have a cap of 20 for all stats. Non-mounted units have a CON cap of 20, while that of mounted units is 25.

Great Lord (Eirika)..........(24/29/30/22/25)
Great Lord (Ephraim)......(27/26/24/23/23)
General (Male)...............(29/27/24/30/25)
General (Female)...........(27/28/25/29/26)
Paladin (Male)...............(25/26/24/25/25)
Paladin (Female)............(23/27/25/24/26)
Great Knight (Male)........(28/24/24/29/25)
Great Knight (Female)....(26/26/25/28/26)
Sniper (Male).................(25/30/28/25/23)
Sniper (Female).............(24/30/29/24/24)
Ranger (Male)................(25/28/30/24/23)
Ranger (Female)............(23/28/30/22/25)
Swordmaster (Male).......(24/29/30/22/23)
Swordmaster (Female)...(22/29/30/22/25)
Wyvern Knight (Male).....(25/26/28/24/22)
Wyvern Knight (Female)..(24/27/29/23/23)
Wyvern Lord...................(27/25/23/28/22)
Mage Knight (Male).........(24/26/25/24/25)
Mage Knight (Female).....(25/24/25/24/28)
Bishop (Male).................(25/26/24/22/30)
Bishop (Female).............(25/25/26/21/30)
Sage (Male)...................(28/30/26/21/25)
Sage (Female)................(30/28/26/21/25)
Super Recruit.................(23/30/29/22/26)
Super Journeyman..........(26/29/28/23/23)
Super Pupil....................(29/28/27/21/26)
Fear the Excalibolg.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#9
24) Stat Growths


25) EXP formula

1. Battle Exp (hitting an opponent)

(31-(Own Level-Opponent's Level))/ Own Class Value

2. Battle Exp (defeating an opponent)

30+(Enemy's Class Value x Enemy Level)-(Own Class Value x Own Level)

Modify the final number for 2. if the opponent is:

A Boss: +40
Rogue/Bishop/Valkyrie: -20
Thief: +20
Entombed: +60

Class Values:

Trainee class/Entombed: 1
Soldier/Priest/Thief/Troubadour/Manekete: 2
All other classes: 3

For calculation of levels, take promoted classes to be +20. That means a Level 1 Paladin would have a value of 21.

26) Credits
-Sealed Lance for most of the info and the stat growths.
-Dark Twilkitri of the FESS board for the stat growths
-wayhui for the tower floor info.
-Lu Aza, moon1244, PsychoSwordsman, User33, Maxout623, ShadowKid14, Sprawlers, vicas3, kharn the betrayer, Brifox7, mattrod, bd43, BBEG, Hairy Sniper, eccentrox, LoserCrusader25, DarthMarth, iceysnowman, Shining Blade SP, Four Swords Link, Baofan, Chaos Stryker, Spiritmongrel, mech gouki

27) Links

Angel Sword, a fairly comprehensive site about the game. Contains almost everything you need to know.

A detailed listing of the formulas used to calculate stats in battle.

How to abuse the RNG.

The location of all the desert map items.

A Flash-based FE fighting game. In Japanese.


If you see any errors, post and I'll correct them.
Fear the Excalibolg.
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User Info: kyo_kusanagi83

12 years ago#10
Okay, I've sent in the sticky request. Now we just have to wait.
Fear the Excalibolg.
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