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User Info: sadinar

11 years ago#1
Is there some trick to beating animals in general that I'm missing? I just recently started this game(playing with community patch 1.74 with AB off and AI on) and wolves are tearing me up. It took me over 2 dozen tries to free wenzel and rescue the town, but I managed it once I learned to run for my life and heal behind cover, or something(also sheathing my weapon while running and then drinking a potion saves extra time). But a single wolf just tears me up. If I turn the advanced AI off, it just stun locks me to death, and if I turn the AI on, it just kills me. Boars and other animals I can at least drop via arrow or bring down to very low health, but wolves are often in packs and at most I can bring down 1 wolf with my bow before the pack gets on me and kills me.

I also can't seem to block their attacks with the shield, is there something I'm fundamentally missing with combat that makes wolves easier?
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User Info: Guitarmaster1

11 years ago#2
Uh, you aren't missing anything obvious, pretty much everyone gets hassled by the beasties. They can't be blocked, as far as I know. Playing through again for my second time recently and I still get the crap kicked out of me by wolves regularly.

Wolves and beasts in general don't follow the same combat rules as humanoids, when you fight an orc or a human, the others will typically back off and allow you two to flail at eachother. Beasts, however, have a much shorter attention span and will gladly all go for you at once if you allow them to occupy space. That said, if you allow yourself to be "surrounded" by beasts, you can count on being stunlocked. Try to position yourself in a manner that just puts one in front of you, and hopefully none within melee range except the one you are focusing.

When you have one picked off, try to switch up your melee attacks. It may seem optimal to mash quick attack, but for whatever reason, I think it's easier for beasts to squeeze in their own attacks this way. throw in a couple normal swings (left click), these seem to make the beast about as defensive as they get, usually causes them to do their little short hop back, which if there is a hill or obstruction in the way, you'll close the distance faster than they can back up.

Other than that, I think the best thing to do is just kind of naturally figure out the best way to tackle them, there's not really an easy way until you're strong enough to finish them in a couple blows =P

User Info: TazmanianD

11 years ago#3

Some parts of the game can also be quite hard. I tried a good number of times when I first started to liberate Cape Dun and found it to be an impossible task and realized that it's something you can only do later in the game. So don't feel too bad about getting your butt kicked early on.

Also, don't try to liberate more than a couple of cities until later in the game because once you get I think 3 or 4, the orcs will just turn hostile on site and you won't be able to do anything in any of the other towns. I'll liberate Cape Dun after a little bit and then save most of the rest until I'm almost finished with the game.

User Info: sadinar

11 years ago#4
I'm perfectly fine with having had to spend over an hour trying to liberate cape dun, I understand gothic strives for realism and it isn't plausible that a guy fresh off of the boat can handle an entire city of orcs.

What isn't plausible is that a guy who has liberated two towns from orcs still gets wrecked by a handful of wolves because the combat system makes wolves attack faster than humans and their attacks unblockable. By far I have had to reload the most because a wolf snuck up on me from behind and wrecked me in the back. I'm wearing armor worth 30k gold, a wolf shouldn't be able to kill me so quickly! If wolves were truly this powerful in the world of gothic, they would have overrun the entire continent, yet obviously they haven't. Its just annoying.

I am doing better against wolves though. Getting the next rank of bowmanship and big game hunter has made my life a bit easier, and learning how to do backwards quick attacks as well(running forward then doing a quick backwards slash then running forward some more). Using quick attacks in general is much more effective against animals, I was using only regular attacks against them, thanks for the tip.
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User Info: Guitarmaster1

11 years ago#5
Yeah, I just recently had like 70 unspent talent points, dumped it all into hunting and game hunting, wolves were no longer an issue =P.

User Info: lithocardia

11 years ago#6

I found the trick to beasts when I was still early level (so shi tty armor etc and very weak). You just run backwards and pause/swing sword at the right moment. Basically jog backwards and either lurch forward and swing or stop running and swing just as they almost get close enough to you to knock you down. Your swing will knock them back and give you time to gather for the next swing (using same technique). Wolves only take about 4 swings on Normal difficulty once you have a decent weapon and some sword experience and it's REALLY EASY to do. Might sound hard the way I'm describing it, but once you do it once or twice, it'll be so easy you'll almost never get knocked down again(except by trolls. I haven't worked those out yet... for them I just try to bring up the inventory at the moment they're about to do the double fisted crash down on me. Inventory renders their attack useless but completes the animation, so they don't get you when you close the inventory. Cheating? Maybe. I also use the open inventory as a chance to eat meat and regain strength. After that I just hack and slash (at the cost of damage) until it's time to bring up the inventory again.

Seriously, sounds dumb but move backwards and pause/swing actually works really well for me.

User Info: Gladestone1

11 years ago#7

All i do is just shoot with my bow..Every person i meet i just buy arrows on the cheap..Its the best way for me really..Goblins are a pain also..

User Info: vick1000

11 years ago#8
If you want to battle wolves with melee, you need to invest alot in Health points, Endurance, and Large Weapons skills. Learn the spin attack when your surrounded (hold R.click, then press L.click at the same time), and learn to strafe and dodge their attacks, also backing up every once in a while will keep them in front of you more. If you are going one handed with a shield, you better be doing a ton of damage to shorten the fight, or invest more in life and less in endurance.
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User Info: gameduck2

11 years ago#9
play as a mage and use bloodlust. It is VERY easy to kill wolves or any groups of animals or orcs.

User Info: Sobeluvr

11 years ago#10

try holding the 2nd mouse button and then click the first one. u use more of a fencing style that is really good for animals. u just constantly slash and move forwards at the same time. wolves shouldnt be a problem at all.

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