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User Info: jonahdoom

12 years ago#11
fair enough
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User Info: FoShizzle17

12 years ago#12
once you're done with this game, you guys should get coded arms contagion. It's a lot better

User Info: BerserkLeon

12 years ago#13
has anyone gotten past level 251 in infinity yet? I'm only on 21 but I'm not exiting until I freeze the game from level overload.
If it's like pac-man it should only go up to 255 before it freezes.
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User Info: giussthelewd

12 years ago#14
i just ordered the game today, how is the online play?

User Info: shadow griffin

shadow griffin
12 years ago#15
I doubt coded arms only uses a byte to store the current level.

User Info: giussthelewd

12 years ago#16
i need to know what system update is requiered to play this game, i have 1.50
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