2 months ago #11
I just completed this version of the game. The last time I played this game was in 2005 when it was released for the PS2... fast forward 15yrs later wow. I'm a veteran of this game having completed the nightmare boss rush mode back in the day. As I got older, I got loss competitive in the gaming scene and tend to play games on their normal difficulty now, so I made a run through on this game on normal.

Thoughts. I read all the criticism about this game and I must first say, I really enjoyed this port despite all its shortcomings. Loading times for me were not an issue at all, everything loaded at a good speed in my opinion. Apparently the load times on a PSP1000 are horrendous taking up to a reported 15sec to load an area, play on a PSP2000 or emulator, load times drastically improved. The game for me ran fairly smooth for the most part, there were occasional slowdowns in certain areas most prominent when tons of enemies were on screen at once, but nothing major that really detracted the experience. One thing that is noticeable is the graphics do look muddy even when upscaled. Some things look sharp while others like enemy and character sprites look muddy unfortunately, but again, not too big of a deal with me. I don't actually see this as an issue at all if you're playing on a PSP because then you're staring at a tiny screen and little imperfections are hardly noticeable. I'm just thankful Ys VI was ported to handheld, if you wanted the best experience out of Ys VI than PC is the answer.

Okay, now for what sets this apart from the other versions, the PSP exclusive content that Konami added. You get the enemy/character encyclopedia that Oath in Felghana had including a media player in which you can listen to all the music tracks and watch all the cutscenes you encountered. This was great as it had me trying to hunt down that last rare enemy encounter I missed in my playthrough. The new Sealed Cavern mini-games is also fun which becomes unlocked in the main menu once unlocked in game. There are a total of 9 mini-games which some are actually pretty fun and it also gives you a chance to listen to some of the original music tracks that Konami had arranged for this game before they were scrapped due to negative fan feedback. Unfortunately getting an "S" rank on some of these mini-games is insanely difficult and probably not worth it unless you're a hardcore perfectionist Ys fan. I really enjoyed this exclusive content and it was interesting hearing some of the new tracks as I always wanted to hear the score Konami had planned for this game. I kind of see this port as a little treasure that has some awesome things that the PC or PS2 version doesn't have.

I noticed that Ys games are very grind heavy and I just feel they shouldn't be that way anymore. I didn't mind when I was younger but grinding to lvl60 was testing my patience. I kept asking myself, how did I manage this back in the day? not only did I do it on normal, but nightmare as well. Ys games would be very short if experience grinding was taken out of the picture. I just completed a Ys PSP marathon, played Ys Seven, Ys Chronicles, Ys Oath, and this one in that order. I leveled all my characters to 99 in Ys Seven and that was just nuts. Anyway, glad to have this game under my belt of Ys games finished.