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User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#1
This is the "Official" Tales of Eternia Frequently Asked Questions topic. I hope you will find it useful and ask any questions here.


Map Screen

X: Enter towns and dungeons
O: Cancel
[Triangle]: Open the main menu
[Square]: Open the travel menu
[Start]: Turn navigation map and compass On or Off
[Select]: Game hint skits
L1: Rotate the screen left
R1: Rotate the screen right
L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start: Soft reset

Town/Dungeon Screen

Directional Pad: Move character
O + Directional Pad: Run
[Square] + Directional Buttons: Move diagonally
X: Talk/Explore
[Triangle]: Main menu
L1: Fire Ice ring
R1: Fire Sorcerer's ring
L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start: Soft reset

Main Menu Screen

Directonal Buttons: Selects commands
X: Confirm
O: Cancel
[Triangle]: Equip Screen: Remove item
: Change the AUTO COOK setting (must be ON)
: Items Screen: throw away items in inventory
[Square]: Cook Screen: AUTO COOK option On or Off
: Item attribute description
: Skills Screen: CPU skills ON/OFF

[Start]: Customize Screen: Display the Adjust Screen
L1/R1: Scroll menu screens
L2/R2: Items Screen: Scroll LEFT/RIGHT to select an option

Battle Controls

[Start]: Pause
[Select]: Switch the battle mode of the player character
[Triangle]: Open the Battle Menu
[Square]+ D Pad LEFT/RIGHT--Scroll Battle Screen (When battle Menu is displayed)
[Square]+ D Pad UP/DOWN--Zoom Battle Screen IN/OUT (when battle Menu is displayed)
[Square]: Defend
D Pad Up: Jump (Manuel)
D Pad "Double" LEFT/RIGHT: Dash
X: Attack
O: Use Special Skills
: Special Skill 1
: (+ D Pad UP) Special Skill 2
: (+ D Pad LEFT/RIGHT) Special Skill 3
: (+ D Pad DOWN) Special Skill 4
L1+D Pad UP: Command all allies to "jump"
L1+D Pad DOWN: Command all allies to "gather"
L2 or R2: Special Skills shortcuts
R1+D Pad: Switch target

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#2

How do I fully control my character?

Find the "Manuel"

Talk to the Monk on the right hand side of one of the rooms in the Regulus Dojo and he will give you the MANUAL item.

What is a "Technical Smash"?

Technical Smash bonuses are award for finesse and skill during battle.

You'll receive a bonus according to the type of Technical smash you're able to do.

You'll also receive extra experience according to this formula
Bonus Exp =(n x n/2) +n +1

What kinds of "Technical Smash" are there?

Chain Smash
Do 4 attacks in a row
+2%Hit/10 Exp

Group Smash
Use the whole group to attack
+2% to Experience acquired

Combo Smash
Do more than 20 Hits
+10 Experience per hit

Ariel Smash
Do an Air-Combo

Effective Smash
Use spell against enemy's weakness

Summon Smash
Use Summons to attack
x2 to Smash bonus

High Speed Smash
Hit more than 2 times in 2 seconds

No Damage Smash
No damage to character(you'll know it when you get 100 points for your battle)

+1% to getting Item

How can I extend my "Basic Combo"?

Different combinations of Down+X and X, can produce variations of a basic three hit combo.

Manual Mode Only: Reid

X, X, Down+X

X, Down+X, Down+X

Down+X, X, Down+X

Up+X, X, Down+X

X, X, Up+X

Down+X, X, X

What are "Skill Combos"?

The fact that you can link Skills


Basic Combo -> Special skill -> Sacred skill


Basic Comb -> Special skill (Ground)-> Special skill (Ground-to-Air)-> Special skill (Air) -> Special skill (Power)

What are "Secret Commands"?

When you find the mysterious wandering solider in different cache spots around Inferia he will teach you different "commands" for battle. These command change the AI's behavior during battle and are very helpful.

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#3

How do I learn "skills in blue"?

Skills in blue indicate that you have fulfill one or more of the requirements towards learning a special skill. To earn that skill, you may need to increase your slash or thrust, or use a particulars skill more times.

How do I preform "team skills"?

Team skill are powerful skills involving Reid or Farah and one of your Mages.

To preform a team skill, first you need to go to the special skill menu and assign the required Craymel technique on one of you shortcuts (L2 or R2). Then in battle, when you want to preform the team skill, hold the shortcut button for the craymel technique for the corresponding team skill and wait for the spell to be completed (you will know when "Ready" appears on the characters sprite where their HP is displayed). Finally to unleash the team skill, preform your technique next the charging mage.


--Demon Hammer + Fireball = Flare Hammer

--Spiral Attack + Cyclone = Earth Divide


--Rising Dragon Strike + Spread = Serpent Knuckle (Heals as well)

--Twin Palm Strike + Thunder Blade = Lighting Strike

How do I preform "Hi-Ougi"?

Hi-Ougi are arts that are extended from current skill:
Requirements: Base skill is used very many times ( 300 -> 500 uses)

"Timing, Practice, and accuracy" - Einsatz


Burning Phoenix:

At the end of Rising Phoenix, re-input Rising Phoenix... simple

-- 5 - total # of attacks x50 + 50 (250+ uses)

Dragon Demon Chaos:

Re-input Omega demon chaos on 8th strike

-- 250 then enemies must have 2250 or less HP left during ODC's 8th hit to use DDC

Quasi Seal:

-- Omega Seal 200 + uses

For Quasi Seal kill off all monsters leaving only 1 since only 1 enemy can be alive to trigger it.

Hit Omega Seal the second time when Reid is about to slash. Also, check the HP of the enemies whether it's down to > than half


-- Deadly Force

How to preform Flame Dance:
1. Use Deadly Force...

(...then while the screen is black...)

2. ...use a punch, punch combo...
3. ...then a rising move (ground to air skill)...
4. ...followed by an aerial move (air to ground skill)

Then Flame Dance will activate.


Maximum Burst:

-- Fatal Fury with more than 60
-- Chi used more than 300 times.

When the second hit of Chi is about to hit the enemy (ie, the lion head), input Chi again. It should turn into Maximum Burst.

(Thanks to Einsatz)
(Thanks to VeghEsther)

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#4
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User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#6
Skills (Con't)

What is "Combo Command"?

D= Down
F= Forward
B= Back

O= "O" button
X= "X" button

Sonic Blade : Majinken
D , DF , F , O

Thunder Blade : Raijinken
D , DF , F , X

Swarm : Jirisezeme
F , D , DF , X

Demon Hammer : Kokahazan
F , D , DF , O

Spiral Attack
D , U , X

Tempest Strike : Retkuuzan
D , U , O

Twin Sonic Blade : Majinken - Souga
D , DF , F , O+X

Super Lightning Blade : Fuuraijinken
D , DF , F , X+square

Neo Swarm : Akisazeme
F , D , DF , X+square

Demon Twist : Kogarenzan
F , D , DF , O+X

Double Spiral Attack : Senkuushouretpa
D , U , X+square

Omega Tempest Strike : Shinkuretzan
D , U , O+X

Demon Lightning Hammer : Raijinsohazan
B , DB , D , DF , F , O

Neosonic Swarm : Majinzenretha
B , DB , D , DF , F , X

Mega Sonic Thrust : Kuuhazetshougeki
F , B , F , X

Sonic Chaos : Majinrenkazan
F , B , F , O

Neo Tempest Swarm : Shouuretkuugeki
D , D , D , X

Demon Spiral Hammer : Senkuusouhazen
D , D , D , O

Omega Seal : Fuujinbakufuu
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , square

Rising Phoenix : Haotenku
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , X

Omega Demon Chaos : Moukorenkekiha
D , DB , B , DB , D , DF , F , O

Where are "Chat's Skills"?

You can find Chat's other skills at these specific GPS points:

NOTE: Chat Must be in your party

::Pow Hammer::
--GPS: 184, 139

::Ice Hammer::
--GPS: 120, 122

::Para Ball::
--Location: Craymel Hot Springs (Infernia)
--GPS: 208, 108

::Eternal Hammer::
--Location: Chat's Hut then Aifread's Cave
--GPS: 106, 112 then 204, 98

Where are "Max's Skills"?

MaX's other skills can be obtained buy finding the legendary pink Miacis in the specifc town after particular events

NOTE: Max must be in your party

::Air Blade::
--Location: Port Peruti
--Requirements: After Seyfert Shrine

::Aqua Spiral::
--Location: Port Tinnsia
--Requirements: Enter Shadow Cave once

::Rage Laser::
--Location: Cape Fortress
--Requirements: Max in the party, after Seyfert Observatory

::Dark Laser::
--Location: Luishka
--Requirements: After Regulus Tomb

::Elemental Master::
--Location: Jini
--Requirements: After getting Aibird; After obtaining Canceler

How do I learn "Deadly Force"?

Farah must lead for 300 battles and have kick and punch at level 30

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#7

How do I summon "Destiny"?

After completing the Glimmer Spire side quest, Valkyrie will give you a "gift", this "gift" will allow you to dispel the magic field around the sword you found in Underwater Cache 1 (Celestia)

Destiny is a summon only for Meredy she will be able to summon Destiny every 30 minutes of play.

How do I summon the Tales of Phantasia Cameo "Arche"?

When Maxwells C. vitality is MAX, use Shooting stars and Arche form Tales of Phantasia will be summoned!!

-- Maxwell is lv. 30
-- Craymel Mage is under your control

How Do I preform Spreads extension: "Maelstrom"?

Maelstrom is an extended version of spread:

-- Undine is lvl 30
-- Undine C. Vitality is high (does not have to be MAX)

Under these cast Spread, and Maelstrom will be preformed

How do I use "Maxwells Extensions"?

Can only be preformed if:

::You must have beaten the game once and have access to Hardcore.
::You have to control the Craymel Mage that is summoning Maxwell, And if Maxwell's C. Vitality is at MAX.

1. Summon Maxwell. While this is in effect, hold <- + SQUARE until Dual the Sol
is executed.

2. While Dual the Sol is in effect, hold CIRCLE until Eternity Swarm is

3. While Eternity Swarm is in effect, hold X until Prismic Stars is executed.

4. While Prismic Stars is in effect, hold TRIANGLE until Shining Gate is

5. While Shining Gate is in effect, hold SQUARE until Explosion Nova is

6. While Explosion Nova is in effect, hold TRIANGLE + CIRCLE until
Maxwell Minimus is executed.

7. While Maxwell Minimus is in effect, hold SQUARE + X + CIRCLE until
Dimension Material is executed.

8. While Dimension Material is in effect, hold SQUARE + X + CIRCLE + TRIANGLE
until the enemy freezes a bit and Blue Earth will be executed.

* You need to equip the Derris Emblem and Mental Ring in order to activate
Blue Earth. Blue Earth costs 250 TP and even with Faerie Ring, there is not
enough TP as it will cost 1000 TP altogether. You need a TP restoring item
like the Mental Ring or Resume Ring to restore TP while Maxwell's other
extensions are in effect. You need to have about 980 TP or more to finish
the extension. And you need the Derris Emblem equipped before you can even
activate Blue Earth. So you cannot equip the Faerie Ring.

* Blue Earth does not do damage, rather, it restores your party's HP and TP by
about 2000 HP and 200 TP multiply 5 times each and revives any fainted
characters. It will give you 100,000 EXP after battle.

(Thanks to: VeghEsther)



There where skits in the Japanese version during camping... but the have been cut out after translation.

What are some "Side Quests/Hidden Events"?

Glimmer Spire
Craymel Hot spring
Katz Village
Nerid's Labyrinth
Banrea Quest
Donies Potpourri

Game +?

Game + is Tales of Eternia from the start, you get to keep:
-- Collectors book info
-- Monster log info

You get access to:
-- Hardcore mode
-- Maxwell's Extension

User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#8
Game Release Info:

When was this game released?

Tales of Eternia Namco 03/03/05 JP
Tales of Eternia Namco 12/01/05 JP ("PSP's best" Version)
Tales of Eternia Ubisoft 02/10/06 EU
Tales of Eternia Namco TBA US
Will it come to North America?

Most likely... not... sorry

I'm Interested! What are other "Tales of" games?

(JP) - Japan only

(TBA) - These title have a chance (slim) of being released out side of Japan

Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny II (JP)
Tales of Rebirth (JP) (TBA)
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Legendia
Tales of the Abyss (JP) (TBA)

Please correct me if I am wrong about anything.

If you have anymore questions do not be afraid to ask. I and many other capable players can answer your questions here.


User Info: Kirby__sama

12 years ago#9
Hmm... adding more already...

Secret Recipes:

Fruit Sandwich: (# 28)

Ingredients- Bread, Kiwi, Strawberry, Milk, Purple Satay
Effects- Complete HP/TP restoration
Requirements- Master: Sandwich, Soft Cake& Fruit Cocktail

Nutrition Drink: (# 29)

Ingredients- Tusk Meat, Tomato, Lemon, Beet, Purple Satay
Effects-Complete TP restoration, cures Posion
Requirements- Master: Steak, Fruit Juice & Garden Salad

Power Noodles: (# 30)

Ingredients- Panyan, Rice Bear Meat, Onion & Purple Satay
Effects- Complete HP restoration, cures Inifmity
Requirements- Master: Hamburger, Honey Ramen, Broiled Sandwich

Seafood Stew:(# 31)

Ingredients- Tusk Meat, Tuna, Squid, Konia, Radish & Purple Satay
Effects- Complete HP/TP restoration, cures all anomaliys
Requirements- Master: Beef Stew, Fish Stew & Hot Pot

Potato Casserole: (# 32)

Ingredients- Potato, Bear Meat, Rice, Milk, Cheese & Purple Satay
Effects- Increases all max HP by +1
Requirements- Master: Chili Potato, Omelette & Pot Pie

Mabo Curry: (# 33)

Ingredients- Rice, Tusk Meat, Tomato, Kirima, Tofu & Purple Satay
Effects- Increases all max TP by +1
Requirements- Master: Sweet Rice, Bitter Tofu, Hot Curry, & Sweet Parfait

Spicy Soup: (# 34)

Ingredients- Pasta, Carrot, Onion, Bear Meat & Purple Satay
Effects- 30% HP restoration Temporarily increases Accuracy
Requirements- Master: Hot Borsch, Cold Noodles, & Seafood Pasta

Tuna Paella: (# 35)

Ingredients- Rice, Shrimp, Squid, Tuna & Purple Satay
Effects- 30% HP restoration Temporarily increases Attack and Defence
Requirements- Master: Calamari, Spicy Shrimp and Sushi

User Info: ravencr0w

12 years ago#10
>>L2 or R2: Special Skills shortcuts

L2/R2 on a psp?
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