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User Info: MasterEinhart

8 years ago#1
Head: H09-Spider (Def Shell +10)
Core: CR-C83UA (Def Energy +10)
Arms: A09-Lemur2 (Weight +10)
Legs: CR-LH96FA (Def Energy +10)
Booster: CR-B83TP (Booster Heat +10)
Generator: KUJAKU (Condenser Cap +10)
Radiator: RAGORA (Energy Drain +10)
Inside: I07D-Medusa2
BackUnit R: WB17R-Siren3
BackUnit L: WB22M-Dryad2
ArmUnit R: WR07M-Pixie3
ArmUnit L: WH01R-Gast
HangerUnit R: WH11PU-Peryton (Optional)

Optional Parts:

ArmUnit R&L can be replaced with something else to your liking

________________AI TUNE_______________
Base Character:
-6 , -6 , +7 , +10 , -9 , +16
Enemy: 7
Terrain: 9
Atk: 9
Def: 3
Heat Con: 5
En Con: 7
AC Con: 8
Move Con: 8
Wpn Con: 9
Srch Con: 9
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