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User Info: Adrammelech

10 years ago#1
I've ve just started playing AC:FF two days ago and so far I'm having so much fun playing the game because it reminds me of Gundam! And the customization here is awesome!

Anyway, I've been browsing the net searching for the best AC configurations to defeat all opponents in the game. I've been testing a couple of them and have come upon two of the best designs.

Let's start with number two.

(Btw, my team is named Zeon and so I named this two designs on the mobile suits of the Zeon Federation which have characteristics similar to them)

First Runner-Up Design (a very powerful offensive and defensive design)
Creator: battlemaniak
Name: Zaku Tank (I don't know what battlemaniak named this AC)

head: hornet
core: cr-c83ua
arms: ya10-loris
legs: cr-lt78a
fcs: crf91dsn
gen: gos-magnolia
rad: cr-r92
inside: cr-194dd2
exten: jiren
back r: cr-wb91lgl
back l: cr-wb91lgl
arm r: wr20pl-ogre
arm l: cr-wl88hnr
optionals are up to you but i chose the 3rd 7th 12th 14th and 17th parts

-50% for range
-80% for action var.
-100% for dash and jump
-30% for run
+50% for tactic

ac: 10
move: 10
wpn: 10
serch: 10

- I would suggest tuning the head, core, arms and leg parts with 50% def shell and 50% def energy each, while for the generator 50% en output and 50% condenser cap, and for the radiator, 50% energy drain and 50% cooling. But you could also do without tuning the parts, which was what battlemaniak originally designed it to be.


Winning Design (a highly maneuverable and powerful offensive design)
Creator : Guns n Daisies
Name: Jagd Doga (Guns n Daisies named it Aussie Rules)

Head: cricket(Cooling 40%, Vs ECM 60%)
Core: C98E2(cooling 70%, Def Energy 30%)
Arms: Lemur2(Cooling 80%, Def Energy 20%)
Legs: LH92S3(Cooling 70%, Def Energy 30%)
Booster: B83TP (Booster Heat 100%)
Generator: G84P (Condenser Cap 100%)
Radiator: Mokuren(cooling 100%)
Inside: none
Extension: none
Back Unit R/L: none
Arm Unit R: WH01SP
Arm Unit L: WL88S2
Optional: Amino, CR-69ES, CR-071EC, CR-079L+, Codon, 086R+, Marishi, Kangi

Base Character: -16, 0, +13, +16, -12, +16
AI Performance: 5, 7, 10, 0, 6, 9, 8, 8, 8, 9
Operation Chips: MOS-1, MOS-2, MOS-1, MOS-2

- So far, this is the best design I've tested and has defeated every single enemy I've ever faced in the game.

Tell me what you guys think aabout the designs :)
I love games with a single PC because I'm a loner....
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  3. The Two Best AC Confirguartions in defeating all in-game opponents
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