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User Info: BlanketPI

2 years ago#1
(Just spreading awareness, I guess?)

So yesterday, I just beat the aforementioned run, not using the Touchscreen power-up, either (because that would make Mini Mushroom easier occasionally, and allows you to tank up to four hits). For the record, I placed 100% as more important than pacifism (not hurting any enemies you don't need to; you have to either die or redo the level if you do hurt any enemies; it's O.K. if they hurt each other, but not if, e.g. you throw a shell and it kills another enemy), so if I needed to use a shell to get a Star Coin, I would, just that once (as if it were required to proceed), stomp on a Koopa Troopa/Buzzy Beetle/whatever and get the Star Coin with it, but I would still play the pacifist role outside of that. Oh, and you have to get all the Star Coins in one run (if possible), too.

Obviously, levels like 8-T2 weren't made any harder by the pacifism restraint, but I couldn't think of any restrictions that would resemble that other than not touching any enemies/spikes. (Actually, it just occurred to me that having that and having to constantly jump might be enough, if it's possible, but that might need the Mini Mushroom...) I probably made a few errors in pacifism here and there, but it's a nice way to make a moderately easy game into a moderately hard one; sure, it's not difficult like Ninja Gaiden, but I got a fair number of Game Overs (though I admittedly never used Mushroom Houses, so feh...)

Hard levels (mostly not counting using Mini Mushrooms, because those make this run way, way easier) included: (in spoiler tags just to be safe)

- 2-2: only a little, but being able to neither kill Spinies nor Lakitu (outside of that one spot) made it a little tricky
- 3-2: there are a lot of Goombas in high concentration at the beginning, and at the end, it's a little difficult to not hurt the Koopa Paratroopas and get the Star Coin
- 3-C: just because that last Star Coin requires rushing around Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas while on small platforms
- 4-A: that second Star Coin is inordinately difficult to get because you can get on the vine without stomping on the Koopa Paratroopa, but it requires a running (as in, from the platform before) jump from the spinning platform while big
- 4-5: not too much, but avoiding the Spinies while getting a Bob-omb between the two "drawbridges" is surprisingly difficult
- 5-2: not too much, but those Swoopers home in on your level, so you want to go slowly, but that's not always viable...
- 5-3: third hardest level; the slopes pretty much have to be learned, and the Snailicorns charge at you, making the jumping a little tricky, especially thanks to the ice; the upper route is much easier, but I still died a ton
- 5-B: those Koopa Paratroopas are pretty tricky, and one you have to face along with the Snailicorn every time you die after getting the midpoint, but after that you have to deal with the third Star Coin, since you need to make an awkward short jump
- 5-4: not too much, but the second Star Coin without a Mini Mushroom and not being allowed to hit the Red Koopa Troopa took a fair number of tries, and the Red Koopa Troopas at the end weren't so friendly, either
- 6-Castle: only a little, but that last Star Coin...
- 7-3: this probably consumed the most lives, because of the wonky physics + Koopa (Para)troopas
- 7-5: not too much, but without a Mini Mushroom, all the Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs are tricky...
- 7-6: only the first half, thanks to the myriad of enemies
- 8-1: second hardest level, thanks to Crowbers swooping in, sometimes in pairs, but from opposite sides (second half wasn't bad, though)
- 8-5: tricky platforming + a battalion of enemies is rough
- 8-7: there were a lot of Koopas here
- 8-8: "Panic and fear! Panic and fear!" (or "Panic panic panic! Panic? Panic! Panic. Panic!"
Sorry, can't talk; switching feet!
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