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User Info: dnvrmnzero

11 years ago#1
is it long? hard? fun? online?
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User Info: jumainji

11 years ago#2
long, yes. hard, depeneds if ur smart. online, nope. fun? ehh its alright
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User Info: Leonidas123

11 years ago#3

it's kinda like super mario bros 3, but with a bunch of differences, there is less powerups, the levels are generally easier, but overall i think it's a low/medium difficulty game; what really rocks is the graphics which is 2.5d (2d backgrounds and 3d characters) which looks really nice

the game also comes with a few unlockables (able to play as luigi for example), but most importantly, with a bunch of touchscreen minigames most of which are actually interesting (card games, mini puzzle games, and so on)

multiplayer NSMB is interesting for maybe 15 minutes? anyway only tried it once and then we replaced it with tetris ds cardridge which totally rocks:)

overall this is a pretty good game, doesn't feel a ripoff like those super mario remakes for the GBA... definitely worth playing and worth the money invested

User Info: gamesrock200

11 years ago#4
This game was one of the first DS games I played and it's awesome. I strongly recommend that you get it.

User Info: greenpickle

11 years ago#5
Length really depends on how much you replay levels, and difficulty is probably lower than average. It is very fun, and there's no online.
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User Info: MylesGrey

11 years ago#6
This is from my experiences with the game. I added a few more questions for your.

Long? Medium-Short.
Hard? Easy.
Fun? Very fun.
Online? No.
Multiplayer? Good.
Better then Super Mario 64 DS, even if you have already played Super Mario 64? No.
Worth it? Yes, for sure.
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