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User Info: horsehaggis

12 years ago#191
how do i get onto world 7 big castle because theres 3 worlds and a path which form a square and i cant get past there. help?!?!

User Info: nds_technician

12 years ago#192
you have to take the secret exits.
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User Info: Travis

12 years ago#193
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Zoro11031

12 years ago#194
Ok, to get to stage 7-7, you need to make use of a secret exit on 7-6. Right after the checkpoint in 7-6, you should see 2 rows of bricks, and two bouncing koopas. Take out the koopas and then destroy all the blocks in the top row BEFORE the first row. Then, hit all the blocks in the first row. A vine should grow out of one. If you had destroyed the right block before you grew the vine, it should grow all the way to the top of the screen. If you didn't, go back to the map then come back and do it again. Climb the vine. Now go through the area the vine leads you to, and you should find a red flag. That's your ticket out! Jump on it and when you leave the path to 7-7 will open.

And about buying wallpapers.... go back to world 1-1. There should be a blue mushroom house. It sells wallpapers. Hope all this helps you!
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User Info: GTV999

12 years ago#195
If you use a cannon BEFORE completing worlds before the cannon warp, can you go back?
-Goes to world 1 cannon.
-Gets to world 5 before unlocking world 2
Can I go back to world 1?
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User Info: cheatmaster30

12 years ago#196
Yes, I think you can select any world you have been to by touching it on the bottom screen from the main menu. In fact, you need to be able to in order to go to worlds 3 AND 4 as well as worlds 6 AND 7. Oh, and anyone who has figured this out, I would kind of call this sticky just a little dated.
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User Info: darkkagomelover

12 years ago#197
how can i get to Bowser in his castle in world 8

User Info: 77skittles

12 years ago#198
i can't beat the world 5 tower! i've tried TONS of times, but i can't do it. any help?

User Info: Xtremeblur

12 years ago#199
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Yoshuigi

12 years ago#200
Why are there 2 of these? Is this an exact copy of the 2nd one? Like, if I post here, it'll go in the other topic? Oh, sorry for bumping if you didn't want to keep this alive.
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