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User Info: xixDUDE312xix

5 years ago#1
Should I get WarioWare: Touched!? - Results (5 votes)
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I have 1200 My Nintendo points and was wondering if this game is good enough to spend my points on.

User Info: Krisipoke

5 years ago#2
It's pretty great. I wonder though if this version is any different from the original DS release.
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User Info: nodnizzle

5 years ago#3
I got it with my points and am loving it. Once you run through the story mode, then it gets good. I love trying to get all of the scores up on each micro game, and unlocking all of them by playing through each character again. The replay value is what I like, but at first the story can get old. I'd recommend it a lot more than the other choices you have in the rewards.

User Info: Luigi_Fan2

5 years ago#4
Just got the game and it's decently fun. The other platinum point rewards (excluding sales on some games) don't seem terribly great, so I think it's safe to say that this is the best option for most people.
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