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User Info: Jacob91_returns

7 years ago#1
Picked this game up the other day again and I found out that I don't have Warioman as a playable character even though I have gold crowns on everyone else in the album. Please help me understand how this is possible. I have monster megamix but no warioman.. I can't seem to remember if he disappears or..?
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User Info: MercilessSaw

7 years ago#2
I've unlocked it yesterday and i'm pretty sure that if you make Wario eat the Garlic at the title Screen, he turns Warioman. You simply can't have Wario and WarioMan at the same time on the (title) screen.

On a side note, I started to play this game some months ago and did not liked it.. This weekend I was bored and picked it up again. Man, how wrong I was, this is really fun. Shame on me, right??
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