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User Info: goldenlink24

12 years ago#1
I bought this game new off of ebay. I did not see it yet my mom opened it up for me and told me it was in a clear casing. I looked it up and discovered that it is the European release. they were in a clear casing, or so I see on ebay. I know the game is in english and will work on any system so my american ds will play it... but my question is

Is there anything different between this and the USA release?
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User Info: green_panda9

12 years ago#2
I don't think there's any difference between your version and the american one. Touched! seems like a game that wouldn't have its gameplay changed depending on where it was made. If we were talking about games like Pokemon, which seem to have many glitches on the JAPANESE version, then that's a different story. I'm not that sure, but I'm just using some of my common sense to assure you there's no difference. If you still want to make sure, try reading the walkthroughs here and see if they match the way your game is working. ;D
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