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User Info: hannwaters

10 years ago#1
His footsteps make me constantly feel like I am in danger.

The guy is hilarious, a powerhouse in combat (easily best tank I have, period), and just enjoyable in general. But damn, his foot steps are so loud and threatening sounding I constantly feel like I am under attack or an impending boss is barreling down on me.

When I went to the Circle Tower, the head templar Gregoire said something along the lines of "It's been quiet for awhile," and I thought he was joking because I thought Shale's footsteps were abominations pounding at the doors (had just gotten Shale and wasn't aware of his footsteps being that loud).

Plus, makes it a bit hard to hear his jokes when he talks to party members when his footsteps drown out whatever they are saying. I get that he is a big, heavy golem, blah blah blah, but jeez, I don't need a constant sound effect drowning everything out to remind me of that.
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User Info: FerretDruid

10 years ago#2
I wish I could have named him. I would have picked "Stompy"

But dog is more annoying with the barking in camp while having conversations with someone else. At least I can stop and listen with the random wandering dialog.
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User Info: bshrumblue

10 years ago#3
Alastair actually ends up being a better tank endgame.....just so you know.

User Info: Denethor0

10 years ago#4
LOL, I know what you mean.....still remember when I left the village that I found him in and he see's a chicken...then THOMP....no chicken ROFL while he tries to look innocent.

User Info: Viper114

10 years ago#5
I guess none of you have done Shale's Deep Roads quest and found out the truth behind the golem...I'd offer to say, but I don't want to spoil anything.
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User Info: Denethor0

10 years ago#6
Just left the village where I found him so no but sounds intriguing :D, guess I have to go to the dwarf's place as soon as I am done in redcliff then :D
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  3. I DO love Shale, but...
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