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MistyCooKiE 11 years ago#1
my warrior, red mage, and thief seem to outdamage my monk in melee attacks. Will my monk get stronger than those jobs later on? I know the warrior can turn into a paladin, who uses some white magic. The thief can turn into a ninja, who uses some black magic. I read that monks turn into a master, but doesn't get any spells. Instead, they do great melee damage...do monks shine when they upgrade to masters? btw, this is my first time playing final fantasy 1. Any advice would be nice too. Thanks in advance!
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redemptioner 11 years ago#2
yes he ends up owning with melee damage after class change

crovaxfrostmane 11 years ago#3
My monk is terrible without equipment in this version. Does the situation remedy itself as you level?
redemptioner 11 years ago#4
uh, the monks should probably use equipment until like level 25-30, that's when his natural body starts to get better than equipment

but ribbon/pro-ring combo is better than pure defense usually
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