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User Info: DocOption

12 years ago#141
Here's something I've always wondered with big long lasting sticky topics like this;

Why is the information found within them seldom, if ever, put into a separate FAQ that is then saved in the FAQ section with all of the other guides ( labelled appropriately of course) so there's no longer anymore worry about all the info being lost on one of the latest Gamefaqs board purges when they want to free up more space ?

There have been so many instances where this has happened in the past to huge topics that offered tons of useful info, and once deleted that was it - all gone.

So why is it that topics like this don't get consolidated into there own FAQ in most cases?

User Info: Kubmir

12 years ago#142
I submitted this as a FAQ, but it was never posted (actually, i haven't checked in the last year or so...)

As for the guy 2 posts above... ouch, you are wrong.
The red dot races are "optional" and never unlock anything no matter how many you do.
Only the triangle guys, tournaments, and stars (vehicle specific races) unlock stuff.

User Info: BlueAcid_X

11 years ago#143
XBLGamerTag: BlueAcid X

User Info: dj_stick

11 years ago#144
hey i just finished this game and i noticed that angel or some guy has a mercedes mclaren i was thinking in buying it is it really worth it???

User Info: nick692000

11 years ago#145
I was wondering about rim and tire size? When can you alter these? I've already unlocked mostly everything for the class C cars and I still havent gotten to alter the sizes. Its starting to make me mad that I cant have DUBS in DUB EDITION

User Info: CrushDUB

11 years ago#146

Hey FortuneHunters: Kubmir is absolutely right. The red dots are optional city races that do not help you in your career progression.

DJ: You meant Ceasar, not Angel, when you were drooling over the Mercedes Benz SLR-McLaren. The Benz is very tail-happy, if you know what I mean. Nice ride to cruise around town in...worthless in a street race. Later, Ceasar returns in a Lamborghini Gallardo and later still in a Chrysler ME 4-12. Now, either of these supercars would be PERFECT for your garage (and crush opponents with).

Nick: you can mod your rims and tires anytime in the garage. Go to the Body Shop and Tires/Rims. Adjust tire profile first, then make your rims as big as you wish. If you want 20" rims, you will probably need 2" tire profile...depending on the vehicle. Have fun with it.

User Info: Kabuki_Tanooki

11 years ago#147
how i shot web?
Ay, in the grove of the temple and in the shadow of the citadel I have seen the freest among you wear freedom as a yoke and as handcuff

User Info: CrushDUB

11 years ago#148
How you shot web? Speak English much?

User Info: KillerX3189

11 years ago#149
Can you tell me all the cheats that are use for in career mode??

User Info: KillerX3189

11 years ago#150
Is it supposed to say"cheat code accepted"if you entered it correctly for the PSP?
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