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User Info: AmericanMuscleX

10 years ago#1
I have recently gotten an extension cable for online racing and that is where i discovered that people only race in "fades". I bought a SR just for these types of races and i keep losing. What is the best tune for this car and why can those SR's beat my fastest cars???????????? i just need a little help with this... hope to hear from some people soon...

User Info: rocketboy01

10 years ago#2
I'm sorry, but what the holy **** are you trying to ask?!!
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User Info: Kubmir

10 years ago#3
whats a 'fade' ?
Is that a sleeper?

And maybe you're racing against people who use the swerving technique, which involves driving in 1 gear below your top gear (manual trans) and swerving back and forth to gain speed. Its a glitch that makes people go faster than you can go in automatic.

User Info: AmericanMuscleX

10 years ago#4
ok... i think what i was thinking of is swerving... and also. how do you chose manual transmition?

User Info: Kubmir

10 years ago#5
go to the controller configuration screen and choose manual transmission

User Info: McPeguin

10 years ago#6
Ya what there doing is called speed drifting
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User Info: SI4L

10 years ago#7
I'm one of the fastest drifters in this game. I can tell you everything if I find you online. Just tell me your screen name or message me.
Topic: Fade is the fading of the text chat. When that text fades it signals the start of the race. And good SR tunes, for starters is 000. 000 means 0 Drift Factor, 0 Traction, and Friction Bias all the way left (0).
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