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User Info: rocketboy01

11 years ago#221
It's OK Veger, I got past Ceaser anyway. And Patrat, geez, we almost started another flame war against each other! I really should word my posts better. I think I figured out how this little flame fight started. It's this:

It's Balboa. Especially if you use a fast car.
I am Invader ZIM!

I think it was just a small misunderstanding. When you read fast car in my post, you naturally assumed "the fastest in a class". I am not accusing you of this, just saying what I think happened. When you posted to not use the fastest car in a class, I thought, "WTF is he talking about?" so that's why I retaliated. Hope we can still be buddies.
Creepy...this should scare DaLuigiGuy.

User Info: Patrat191

11 years ago#222
lol, yea. I guess i shouldnt have mouthed off so much. Glad we got things straightened out. :)


11 years ago#223

User Info: AngrySyn

11 years ago#224
Wow this has been here for 2 years....
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User Info: SearchmanV16

11 years ago#225
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: danieleckart

11 years ago#226
Where are the body upgrades for my truck/suv? I just beat the invitation only races for trucks/suvs. After the last race, it said i unlocked new side upgrades, along with new bumpers, grilles and spoilers won from a couple races earlier. However, when i go to the garage to customize my suv, all thats available under body upgrades are tires and rims. WTF. If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it.

User Info: Kubmir

11 years ago#227
maybe you should try a different SUV/Truck?

Maybe they don't all have upgrades.
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User Info: iamwhoiamorami

11 years ago#228
Odd, I thought all the trucks/SUVs had upgrades. Which one were you using? Hummer H1 is the only one I'm not sure about... I've had that one for a while.


11 years ago#229

User Info: rocketboy01

11 years ago#230
I think the H1 is just like every other Truck/SUV.
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