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User Info: Kubmir

14 years ago#1
I did something like this for MC2, so lets see if it's useful in MC3:

What does DUB mean?
DUB refers to DUB Magazine. They helped pick cars and parts to make the game feel more authentic.

Is there free roaming?
Yes. You can freely cruise around any of the 3 cities. It's a staple of the Midnight Club series.

Can you get out of your car and look for another one?
No. Pick up a GTA game if you want to do that.

Are there Fords(Subaru, Mazda, Ferrari) in this game?
No. Most likely a licensing issue with damaging or cops or pedestrians.
Is XXXXXX car in the game?
Go to and click on 'info', then click on 'Full Vehicle List'. This will tell you every vehicle in the game.

How do you get 100%?
Race all the blue arrow guys, the tournaments, and the 'club' races for each car class. The 'optional' races (Red Dots) do not count towards 100%, they just give you cash. R* Logos do not count towards 100% either.

Do the red Dots go away after a while or are they always around?
The Red Dot (optional) races are always there, even after you become the US champ. There's always a way to make more cash to buy and modify more cars.

Do you have to win every race in a tournament to beat the tournament?
No. You just have to have the most amount of points at the end of the tournament. You can come in 5th or 6th place in a tournament race and still get 1st overall if you do well in the other races.

I just beat the last club race for the tuners/muscle/SUV/motorcycles, and there are no more left in the city, but it only said something like 10/15! How do I keep racing against this club?
There are 3-6 club races per city. Once you go to another city, you'll see more of those races.

Which car is better between XXXX and XXXX
There are 4 classes of vehicles: A, B, C, D. Class D is the slowest and Class A is the fastest. When you upgrade a car fully to level 1, it's like moving that car up to the class above it. So, a Class D car fully upgraded with level 1 parts is kinda like a Class C car stock. To take it one step further, a class D car with level 2 upgrades is kinda like a Class C car with level 1 upgrades, or a Class B car stock.
In the end, though, it all comes down to what you personally like driving and how the cars handle. That is specific to a person.

How can I turn off autosave?(PS2)
Pull out the memory card. Then, when you are prompted to put it back in the next time the game tries to save, select "Continue Without Saving" and autosave is turned off. You can turn it back on in the options menu.

How can I change my Exhaust or engine sound?
When you upgrade exhaust or engine parts in the performance shop, it changes the sound of your engine. Changing the 'Exhaust tips' in the Body Shop doesn't change the sound at all.

How can I look at my car when it's in the game?
Pause the game, then use the left analog stick to rotate around the car. You can also do this while driving if hold the LOOKBACK button and then rotate around the car with the left analog. If you use the LOOKBACK while in the air, the game will also slow down.

User Info: Kubmir

14 years ago#2
Can you customize your cars? If so, what can you customize in this game?
Here's a partial list. some of the italicized items aren't available on all cars because they're either the wrong type or come fully modified, but here's a list that I can remember:

tires, rims, rim size, tire profile, tire width, ride height
front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, spoilers, exhaust tips(side & back), wheelie bars, hoods, louvres, front grill, brush guards, mud flaps
10 (or so) decal positions, front and rear window decals(including custom lettering and fonts), badges, license plates from each state and you can customize the letters
5 different paint types, window tint, rim color, rim insert color, neon color, neon flashing, hud color, trim color, exhaust tip color, nitrous flame color, vinyl color(s), decal color
Engine, CPU, headers, intake, exhaust, nitrous, suspension, sway bars, clutch, performance brakes, performance tires...
Hydraulics, Airbag (hydraulics)

When playing splitscreen, can I load my friends customized cars from his profile?
No. You can only use vehicles from one profile at a time. With the ability to have 30 saved profiles and create duplicates of any vehicle you own, you can create different versions of your vehicles that your friend(s) can use when you play against them.

Can you use your customized cars in arcade mode or online?
Yes. You have 30 car slots in your garage, and you can rename any of the cars you own. Then, when you are selecting the cars for arcade or online, pick the name of the car you want to race with.

How can I rename a car (or version of a car)?
Load it up in the "Manage Rides" tab and press X, then choose "Rename Vehicle".

Can you make lots of cash by duplicating a car and selling the duplicate or original?
No. When you sell a car, it sells every version of that car, plus all the parts you bought for it.

Why would I want to duplicate a car then?
When you duplicate a car, you can share parts, vinyls, etc... between the two different versions. This is useful if you want to keep a stock version of a car for online, but use a modified version in single player. You can also make a low-rider version of cars like the '57 Bel Air, and have a hot rod version as well.

User Info: Kubmir

14 years ago#3
I just bought XXXX car and the performance shop is locked, so I can't upgrade it... why not?
Just keep racing the blue arrow guys and tournaments. They will unlock the performance parts for newer vehicles.

How do I unlock XXXX car?
Class C cars are unlocked somewhere in late San Diego.
Class B cars are unlocked somewhere in late Atlanta.
Class A cars are unlocked somewhere in late Detroit.

How do I unlock XXXX city?
How do I unlock performance parts for XXXX car (or class)?
Keep racing the blue dots and tournaments... it will unlock eventually.

How do I unlock more bumpers, spoilers, and other visual parts for my car?
Race the 'club' races for that particular car class (muscle club, tuner club, etc...)

What do the R* logos unlock when you collect them?
First of all, it's not per-city. You can collect them from any cities and, when you get enough, something will unlock.
You can unlock R* license plates, R* flag vinyls, and 'Race Starters' as motorcycle riders. The 'race starters' are the people who walk out in front of your cars before a race.

User Info: geddoe_1027

14 years ago#4
^^ ur the one who posted fake cheats
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User Info: soniqstylz

14 years ago#5

User Info: Kubmir

14 years ago#6
No, I'm not the one who posted fake cheats, but good suggestion for an addition. See the 'Contributed by' at the bottom of this.

Why don't the cheats work?

Go to options at the main menu and go to the password screen there.
REAL CHEATS (I believe)
kubmir + $1 to Career Money
rimbuk - $1 from Career Money
dfens argo
getheadl bunny ears
haveyouseenthisboy chrome
getheadn Chrome Skull
trythisathome Flaming heads
getheadk pumpkin head
ontheroad no damage
roadtrip unlock all cities
getheadm snow man
getheadj Yellow Smile
allin zone
Rjnr roar

people all riders
rimster all rims for all cars
rimer all rims for any vehicle
dangr any thing you hit flys 5 feet in the air
baller football helmet on driver
uper free upgrade for car
hyperagro gravity (arcade mode) works with roar and argo
m16 machine gun on car
urbansprawl makes pedestrians faster
protected sheild around car
beast unlimited roar
speedy unlimited turbo
stream unlock all cars (even in career mode)
rubber unlock all tires for cars and bikes
trick unlock all tr icks for all cars and bikes
detail unlock all vinyls
Havethemall Unlock Everything
ryder unlocks all cars and bikes (even in career mode)

Contributed By: wwefan365, slimshady15888, reneep69, prestonpond, P4nd4M4n, Timelessguitar
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User Info: Tharkun

14 years ago#8
bump, good post. I'll probably add some things later.
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User Info: Kubmir

14 years ago#9
I'm pretty sure no professional site ever said anything about getting out of the car in a Midnight Club game. It's never even been hinted at.
City(optional) races may or may not be the same as the other races. If you look at the arcade menus, there are about 50 'ordered' races total in San Diego. Since you only race about 20 of them during the career portion in SD, and maybe another 10-20 for the club events, it's a good bet you'll see other races pop up as well as races you've already seen.
MC3, best arcade racer!
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User Info: yaboy

14 years ago#10
Kubmir, is it alright if I take credit for this Q&A you've written?
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