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User Info: sonicknuckles2k

9 years ago#1
Q: Wait, It's done?
A: Yes, download here:


TSL Restored Content Modification FAQ

Q: What is this?
A: This is a mod for TSL that restores almost all of the cut content of TSL.

Q: Is this a theft of Team Gizka's work?
A: Not in the slightest. All of this mod, minus the Rebuilt Enclave by jinger (who gave permission for it to be used in this mod), was done by Stoney and Zbyl2 and SWfan28.

Q: How can you prove that?
A: Have a look at the scripts.

Q: How come you got it done so quickly then?
A: We already had Zbyl's previous content and Jinger's mod plus SWfan28 had some stuff he gave us which had been done. As well as the Dantooine Restoration we did previously

Q: What does this mod restore?
A: We tend to look at as "what does the mod NOT restore?", so here's a list of what was not included:

M4-78 - The Droid Planet is still a part of Stoney's M4-78RP and M4-78EP. The M4-78EP will be compatible with the TSLRCM.

"Darth Atris" - There was too little material left to properly restore this aspect of the ending.

GenoHaradan - Again, too little content left. However, Lord of Hunger is currently designing a storyline for a heavily expanded version of the GenoHaradan Side Quest. It will be released as a fully compatible patch.

Nihilus vs. Sion - Essentially part of the GenoHaradan Side Quest and will be part of Lord of Hunger's storyline.

Sell Vrook into Slavery - Again, too little content. Also conflicts with the storyline.

Q: How much is done?
A: Everything. All that remains is bug testing and fixing.

Q: When will it be done?
A: It is hard to give a release date since it depends on how fast the mod can be tested and how quickly issues can be resolved. However, we are aiming for this summer and given how fast progress is occuring it is likely we will be done soon. However, we would appreciate it if people could keep questions of "When will it be done" to a minimum. We will try to post updates as much as possible to satisfy your curiousity, and we do appreciate people following our work.

Q: Will this mod use the TSL Patcher?
A: Yes, this mod aims to be compatible with as many other mods as possible. However, so mods such the famous USM will require an additional compatibility patch to function. Unlike Team Gizka, we will be providing compatibility with other mods if possible.

Q: Is there a way to find out if a mod is incompatible with TSLRCM?
A: Yes. Check to see if the mod in question changes something that TSLRCM also changes. This can be done by either dropping the files into your override and seeing if they overwrite something. This does not ensure that you will find out if TSLRCM and the mod you are using are incompatible, however, but we are planning on creating a list of mods on DeadlyStream that have been tested for compatibility.

Also, single file reskins (like Drewton's Darth Nihilus reskin) are easily compatible with TSLRCM.

Do not post yet...

User Info: sonicknuckles2k

9 years ago#2
Q: Have you fixed any bugs present in the original game?
A: All the bugs we have fixed are related to the cut content, so many of the broken side quests such as "Redemption" or the Telos criminals side quest were restored. A few other blocks such as a dialog option with the Handmaidens that results in a game crash have been resolved as well. However, the aim of this mod was not to eliminate all the bugs in the game, so there may still be some spelling errors or such that were there to begin with that are still present.

Q: Is it true that Zbyl2's Ravager Rewrite is included in this mod?
A: Yes, the most up-to-date version actually.

Q: Can I beta test TSLRCM?
A: Contact Stoney, Zbyl2, or Lord of Hunger via Private Messaging if you are interested in beta testing.

Q: Is this mod supposed to compete with Team Gizka's TSLRP?
A: Not at all. It has been created with the sole intent of fulfilling what many people have been asking for: providing a complete TSL.

Project Forum:


User Info: sonicknuckles2k

9 years ago#3
UPDATE: You MUST register at Deadlystream.com in order to view the topic to download the Beta!!!

Sorry for the confusion!


User Info: ping5000

9 years ago#4
I'm still in shock. I decided to check out TSLRP's progress for the hell of it after half a year. I check out the forums and I see a topic for another restoration project. I thought that would never get done either, but I get to the last page and... my god.

My god.

User Info: Apolladan

9 years ago#5
Started a new save just now, I'm going to play as a Dark Side Female Gunslinger and see how it goes. Very excited.
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User Info: HRG15

9 years ago#6

I can't believe it's happened... :})

User Info: MasterChanneler

9 years ago#7
Holy ****.

I can hardly believe it, honestly.
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User Info: IronWolf87

9 years ago#8
I'd be pretty excited if, you know the completion of a restoration mod for TSL didn't also happen to herald the end of the world. Thanks guys, because I'm really going to have time to play this while in the middle of the Apocalypse.
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User Info: jletter

9 years ago#9
Ah, but you're forgetting the other option, that it is instead heralding in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

(Granted, if you go by the International Astronomical Union rather than musicals, that still isn't until 2600, but hey, who needs science when you've got lightsabers and force powers?)
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User Info: cadillacactor

9 years ago#10
I'm skeptical. I'll wait to see some reviews before downloading for myself.
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