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User Info: Fuzzy_duck

2 months ago#1
I've run into a glitch on Telos when I leave the academy. Some cursory googling has given me not a lot of help, so I'm hoping someone here has a fix.

Here's the deal: the first time I enter the Telos academy, I go through the conversation with Atris, link up with my imprisoned party members, loot the storage bins, and go to the Ebon Hawk to leave. However when I click the "leave the academy" option, I get the cinematic of the Hawk leaving the hangar, then a short clip of Atris standing by a window, and then I'm back at the Hawk. Trying to leave from this point does nothing.

I've played TSL several times on console, but am currently running it off a CD with some mods installed (I wanted to see what a run with the restored content mod and some fun add-ons looks like).

Here's the list of what I'm running:
  • Restored content mod 1.8
  • M4-78 droid planet
  • High quality blasters 1.2
  • Complete character overhaul Redux
  • Hi-res beam effects
  • Hi-res fire & ice
  • Darth Malak's armor update
  • Svosh's beat up HK-47 mod
  • Hi-res stars & nebulas

I had the Bao-Dur charged armor mod installed as well, but I uninstalled it after seeing a couple posts mentioning that there was an armor mod causing problems. I noticed that after playing the Telos surface section again with that mod uninstalled, there was some dialogue with Atris that didn't play when I did the section with the mod.
I'm willing to scrap any of these mods if they're the culprit - not much point in using these if they crash the game.

Anyone have some insight as to the best path forward?

User Info: loseless

2 months ago#2
I had the same issue before and I ended up uninstalling the M4-78 mod. I'm sure there are other ways around it and perhaps the mod isn't even to blame, but at the time I restarted the game.

Have you tried googling it? There are better pages for TSL bug fixes than GameFAQs. This board is very much dead, but there are corners of the web where there's still some regular activity going and people still work on mods and trade impressions.

User Info: Fuzzy_duck

2 months ago#3
Wound up reinstalling RCM and that fixed the issue.

Thanks for the help - glad there's signs of life for this game on the boards.
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