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User Info: Parham66

10 years ago#1
Uh...I'm ****ing tired of waiting and this game is utter garbage! Installed both Official & Unofficial Patches and still so many glitches and lacks that makes the game COMPLETELY unplayable...Also the graphics are FAR more WORSE than KotOR. KotOR was the BEST game I EVER played but this is ****!!! I just want to know is it worth waiting for Team Gizka or should I through the game at garbage outright? Or atleast is there a mod that upraged graphics GREATLY?
Good luck

User Info: PrinceOfRavens

10 years ago#2
Options>Grahics>Graphics quality...

This game's graphics are much better than Kotor's. Your computer either just sucks, you're a lying Kotor fanboy, or you have the graphics on a low setting. Simple as that.

Also. if you didn't start a new game after installing the mods, it won't work correctly and it will be buggy.

P.S. Why don't you try doing better than Gizka. I'd like to see that.
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User Info: GodDogs

10 years ago#3
the games graphics should be about the same as KotOR 1's. Not sure why anyone would say they're far worse or far better because the game runs on the same engine and they look practically identical.

as for patches and mods, I'd maybe try to find a user mod that fixes some of the glitches, and then just play the game, if your PC allows. Theres no point in waiting for the Gizka mod, as it's been in development for over 5 years now.

the game is great, and worth playing through, but as far as I can tell, there's nothing out there that fixes the games bugs and glitches, unfortunately.
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User Info: Parham66

10 years ago#4
Are you serious? The graphics suck! You're blind NO OFFENSE.
Good luck

User Info: TrashCanNumber2

10 years ago#5
in terms of the graphics. i too believe this games graphics are worse than KOTOR's. i thought that back when playing the xbox version when it was first released. my pc cant run the pc version at full copacity so i cant comment about that. but in no way did it lessen my enjoyment of this game.

User Info: obiwankenobi246

10 years ago#6
This game's graphics are just as good as, if not better than, KOTOR's. I think most people will agree with this. There must be something wrong with either your game or your PC.
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User Info: GodDogs

10 years ago#7
Parham, the games offer very little difference in terms of graphics. I'm not sure what the deal is, but the game did come out 5 years ago, so perhaps it's just showing it's age. When was the last time you played the first KotOR? They shouldn't look that much different, if at all.
It does not matter where we go. It is not the destination that matters...it is the journey.

User Info: cogadh

10 years ago#8

Not only do both games have the exact same graphical quality, they use the exact same graphical assets in many cases. The same engine, same models, same skins, same maps... KotOR 2 is really little more than a mod of KotOR 1, so I don't see how anyone can seriously claim with a straight face that there is any kind of quality difference between the two, at least in terms of the graphics.

As for Team Gizka, don't bother waiting any longer. No one has heard from Dashus in months, he hasn't bothered to respond to the T-G site host in regards to her colocation changes, so there isn't even a T-G website anymore... there has been no official "death of the project" announcement, but for all intents and purposes, Team Gizka is no more.

User Info: Parham66

10 years ago#9
Last time was 2 years ago, but I'm sure the faces and bodies are TERRIBLE! It feel unrealistic, perhaps it's color balance? Anyway does Gizka mod upgrades graphics?
Good luck

User Info: Xeno_Predator

10 years ago#10
You see, I was gonna help with some advice Parham. Your attitude just made me shake my head. Good bye.
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