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User Info: HuManBing

9 years ago#1
The add-on missions were well balanced for Elite. The main game had one or two missions that were really just a matter of dumb luck - especially the Red Library, the DuPlessis Diamonds, and the final hospital levels.
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User Info: d_damjan

9 years ago#2

User Info: Python_2k9

9 years ago#3
I got the demo, and I'm very impressed. I'm getting it right now.

Finally, I have a game that my dinosaur of a computer can run.
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User Info: LazyyAmerican

9 years ago#4
It's so obnoxious when there's guys hiding in ridiculously small unseeable areas that kill one of your squadmates....

User Info: Mazryonh

9 years ago#5
I think you have to admit that in some ways, using non-lethal force (which Elite pretty much forces you to) is quite a bit easier than using lethal firearms in this game. With lethal firearms you must wait until an armed Suspect aims a gun at a team member/hostage/you to shoot them without incurring penalties. Shooting to incapacitate doesn't incur a penalty so as long as you shout for compliance first, but you have a good chance of killing your target instead of leaving them on the floor wounded.

With less-lethal force you can shoot without shouting for compliance, with no regards to whether or not an armed Suspect is threatening a team member/hostage/you. Granted, direct-fire Less-lethal weapons has problems with cover, but the extra ease of use in this game makes up for it.
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