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User Info: Tripurari

9 years ago#11
well my file shack source didn't work for some reasaon.. I'll have to try again later. The installation window would just open a dos prompt and quit. lame!

User Info: Tripurari

9 years ago#12
question... the download I got from fileshack is just a .exe. Nothing else., and it will not run. What all did other people's downloads come with- or as?

User Info: orcumungus

9 years ago#13
I downloaded it from fileshack and my pc doesnt know what program to even run it is.

User Info: serious_sam1122

9 years ago#14
For the record, I got mine from gamershell. I cannot recommend it, however. I played it for 2 days with no ads. Then, on the third day, I was forced to watch an army commercial, and they had army banners plastered on the pause screen and map screen. I could deal with a poster or two thrown in the game, but I don't like being forced to watch a commercial before and after I play a game. (BTW, you cannot play this game without being connected to the internet)

User Info: Tripurari

9 years ago#15
Ok well I've given up on this. I've decided to focus my energy and bandwidth on downloading other, better games that do not include military ads.

User Info: Kokaloo

9 years ago#16
Window it when it plays an army commercial.
After four or so days I still don't have any ads, so I'm fine.
Reviews are garbage.
If you pirate, you shouldn't feel bad about it.

User Info: mafiafun

9 years ago#17
its free but WITH ADVERTISING, meaning the worm you find is safe to the computer, just annoying for the game.
"If freedom is short of weapons, we must compensate with willpower." - Adolf

User Info: lovenomore

9 years ago#18
risk being potentially brainwashed just for a free, mediocre game, I don't effing think so!

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