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User Info: Zazabar

9 years ago#1
although when i dled it from fliefront, avast said there was a worm....not worth it imo.
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User Info: mwahahaa

9 years ago#2
This game was great, although its sequel was kinda lame...

User Info: Oedipus_Complex

9 years ago#3
is it compatible with Vista?
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User Info: Oedipus_Complex

9 years ago#4
same here. There is a worm in that file
One of Gamefaq's Most Prolific Code Contributors (I am the ****)

User Info: Svtcobrastang

9 years ago#5
the worm thats in there is just an advertising worm. when you start the game it makes you watch an airforce ad and then when you close it you see another aiforce ad.
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User Info: dailybacon

9 years ago#6
Weird. It doesn't force me to watch an advertisement.

User Info: Tripurari

9 years ago#7
apparently it depends on where you download it from.. ppl at filefront get the ad worm, not sure about other sources yet. I plan to try out the link from fileshack when I get home. I'll let you guys know how it goes...

User Info: scary ghost man

scary ghost man
9 years ago#8
I didn't see any ads either.
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User Info: chukklez17dc

9 years ago#9
I got it from gamershell and there is no ad worm in it. It works great.

User Info: Kokaloo

9 years ago#10
No advertisements for me.
I got the link.
And yes, it works on Vista.
Reviews are garbage.
If you pirate, you shouldn't feel bad about it.

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