I was thinking of doing a playthrough where...

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  3. I was thinking of doing a playthrough where...

User Info: GHExpert123

5 years ago#1
You're required to place ALL of your extra stat points into one stat for each character.

All of Berethor's would go into Strength
All of Idrial's would go into Spirit.

I thought this would be a fun playthrough to try out, making each character put all of their points into a different stat. Who do you think would benefit from what the most? Btw, this is a for fun playthrough, just so I can try out something new and see how the characters are end game with their stats focused into one. Also, would this qualify as a challenge run through?
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User Info: VVolf316

5 years ago#2
You'd be surprised how many people focus on just one stat even on a normal run. So, no, it's not really a challenge run.

Anyway, if I had to restrict my characters to one single stat, then it would definitely be SPD (maybe not for Morwen or Idrial). You'd be taking insane amounts of turn before the enemy. The lack of damage is acceptable since your focus should always be preventing the enemies from taking turns in the first place. The fights would just take longer, but would still be completely doable.

The only challenge run I had attempted once was that I was not to use any status inflicting attacks (i.e. Crippling, Bind, Stun, Fear, etc). I gave up halfway XD
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  2. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
  3. I was thinking of doing a playthrough where...

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