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User Info: Qazitory

4 months ago#1
Missed your earlier topic @AppleBrandy.

I haven't checked personally, but since Mod of Balance 3.0 changed the class system around, I would assume that all twelve classes have separate level-up tables (in vanilla, basic and advanced versions of a class share the same table). So, most likely Jeff Ludwig relocated the levelup table to some place with room for twelve sets of levelups.

To find this new table I'd advise examining the code responsible for loading the levelup table and seeing what it points to in the modified ROM.

User Info: exline

3 months ago#2
I may be able to help - I wrote an editor a while back that worked with the stock rom or the latest Jeff Ludwig mod. When I get home I can get you the address of the right table.

User Info: exline

3 months ago#3
From my file -- LevelExpStart = JBHexDec("1BE3B8")

I hope this little bit may help find the right table!!

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