Level 11 class change (Spoilers)

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User Info: chaoyun2k

3 weeks ago#11
The main thing that I can think of is that Ninjas must have better level-ups than a Thief. I didn't really notice, but there were only 10 level-ups for me before getting the class change. That is the only thing that I can see as the reason. I expected the ninja to at least be ahead of the white wizard, but that didn't happen - or it hasn't so far.

Where I had 10 level-ups with my thief, you would have had 42 level-ups with the thief. There are some other differences in the other classes, but nothing some level-ups or stat increasing items won't fix. I still don't think it is game breaking and I don't think you will have any issues unless you try to go to battles that you aren't ready for. I'm waiting for some leveling to face the last two bonus dungeons because they look like it will be to much for my current levels. I haven't even played this week, but I plan to get back to the game soon.

Does that help?
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  3. Level 11 class change (Spoilers)

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