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User Info: Rabite

4 years ago#261
"How is FF1 nonlinear?"

Kill Lich, get canoe, go anywhere you want. Want to get the airship? Fine. Want to loot the volcano? Fine. Want to go to Castle of Ordeals? Fine. You don't even have to kill the fiends until you want to. Following the FAQs is fine, but you can get the uber-equipment before you kill any of the bosses.
What's a rabite doing in a place like this?
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User Info: With_Knives

4 years ago#262
Bingo. That's the beauty of it. In the original, nothing stopped you from getting the airship right after the canoe, dashing in and out of the various dungeons to get the good equips, cheese out Tiamat with the Bane Sword, and save Kary for last. Depending on how you tackle the game, the experience and the difficulty curve will adjust accordingly.

iridium: The two biggest complaints in that other thread were certain enemy drops (like the most powerful helm in the game from Sphinxes in the Earth Cave and the Ultima Weapon from WarMECHs) made certain parts of the game and certain party setups way too easy, taking out much of the balance the mod strives for, and that Qi Strike is almost cheating, which is kinda true.

The equip drops are, in my opinion, pretty well balanced aside from goofy things like the Holy Helm popping up way earlier than it should and getting 4 ribbons in the Sea Shrine if you have the patience. (The Ultima Weapon honestly isn't that great. I'd much rather go high-tier knives or things like Excalibur/Ragnarok/Lightbringer/Rune Axe than a 100-power weapon that doesn't hit any weaknesses and requires full health to use at peak efficiency.)

Qi Strike is a problem, though, even with the nerf. And forget what I said some months ago about the Muramasa not dropping as much as other things. During my last playthrough, I fought Marilith II for funsies three times. She dropped it TWICE, hahahah.

(Sorry for the super late reply. Pokemon XY has been ruining my life.)

User Info: Zifrod

4 years ago#263
With a GBA emulator (on my PSP) how i can install this patch

If you know , say me please

User Info: misterbum

4 years ago#264

User Info: Rabite

4 years ago#265
El bumpo
What's a rabite doing in a place like this?
If all else fails use fire - Zelda 2 | Common sense isn't

User Info: Clionedust

4 years ago#266
I was wondering where the best spot to farm for each source is. Mind sources can be farmed from evil eyes, but what about the other 4?

User Info: With_Knives

4 years ago#267
Clionedust posted...
I was wondering where the best spot to farm for each source is. Mind sources can be farmed from evil eyes, but what about the other 4?

Let's see if I can remember. Also, bump.

-Speed Plus drops regularly from Clay Golems, and there's a spiked square in the Castle of Ordeals or whatever the rat tail place is in this version. :P
-Power Plus drops from Ankhegs quite a lot. Your best bet is around Crescent Lake. Namely because of extra Anacondas there, too.
-Luck Plus from Anacondas. There's a spiked square in the Marsh Cave with them.
-Stamina Plus, I'm honestly blanking really hard on those. I know they pop up from one of the undeads in the Ice Cave, but grinding in the Ice Cave is a bad idea. lol
-Silver Apples from Ochus and Sea Scorpions. Rivers/lakes and the Sea Shrine, respectively.
-Soma Drops come from foolishly picking fights with Mindflayers.

On the subject of the MoB, I took a break from breeding and friend safaris to attempt a pseudo-speedrun, and it's safe to say the best speedrunning party is probably three Rogues with an Enchanter doing magical busywork. Rely on drops and treasures for most of the game, sell everything for 2-4 Gladius and a Dragon Mail or two, coast on fight button, healing, Aero, Haste and the odd Giant's Tonic till endgame. You can do it before level 30 if you hustle and run a lot.

User Info: Alpha2099

4 years ago#268
Quick question regarding bestiary completion in the Mod of Balance:

I know Jeff added a ton of enemies in all sorts of places, including the final floor of the Chaos Shrine. Down there he put a lot of enemies that you'd find in the bonus dungeons, and I'm wondering if I'd be able to find the Yamatano Orochi there? It's the only one I still need for 100% bestiary.

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