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User Info: darkhalf357x

7 years ago#1
Not sure if this board is active anymore, but wanted to say I just picked up Dawn of Souls. Like others here I found the game way to easy and wasnt enjoying it. I also have the PSX Origins and felt the limitations (magic charges, no phoenix downs, etc) added to the already difficult challenge unecessarily.

I ended up applying this patch/mod - http://jeffludwig.com/finalfantasy

And I have to say it is like getting the best of both worlds. Now I can enjoy the GBA updates but at the same time enjoy the challenge. There are minor changes (like spell names, who can cast spells, etc) but nothing that detracted from the experience. The mod does not make gil as plentiful as the normal GBA version so you definitely have to be up on your gold management. But to me its just another challenge that adds to the overall difficulty and fun.

I'm about to fight Lich and I am only lvl 17, and thats after grinding (my choice because I like it).

I think it adds to an already great game and shouldn't be overlooked.

User Info: Rabite

7 years ago#2
It really is an amazing hack. Some of the major changes include a lot of the spell casting items getting weakened dramatically, spells being changed, and everybody getting access to spells (even the Monk has limited spell access). Changing the Dia family so it hits evil enemies as well as undead is a huge buff for the WM too.
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User Info: John_Dane

7 years ago#3
Wow this is awesome. I've actually used his other stuff, namely his Wizardry 8 mod. Me and this guy have the same ideas when it comes to these games.

I just tried the patch and I gotta say... already it's a lot more challenging. I got guys missing a whole bunch at the beginning, and getting knocked out... which makes sense because I'm level 1. =) Also, I notice money doesn't come as quickly as it used to, so buying a sword or a spell is a big deal now.

I really like how he made White Mages more akin to Clerics in the Dungeons and Dragons games. There was really no need for them to be so "weak" in the vanilla version, since all they could really do was heal. So basically if they weren't healing they weren't doing much fo anything, usually. This mod at least makes them "tanks", which is cool.

I'm also really liking all the abilities he's given Thieves and Monks, so they're more interesting, they can do more than just attack. I agree that there was really no use in calling them Thieves since they couldn't actually "thieve".

Red Mages are even better than before. Their magic has greatly improved, I see.

Black Mages are freakin' monsters now.

Great, great mod.

I just started a new game with White Mage, Monk, Samurai, and Black Mage, in that order.

This'll be fun. =) Thanks for sharing.

User Info: Moeman_

7 years ago#4
I just found out about this today. The only thing I don't like is he renamed the thieves to "samurai," when they should be rogues or brigands. But if that's my only complaint about this, it succeeded. :)
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User Info: John_Dane

7 years ago#5
Yeah, it is really weird seeing the thief being called a Samurai, if only because he doesn't look anything like a samurai. That turned me off initially as well. But I just try to use my imagination and picture him like a modern do-rag wearing samurai, like someone you'd see on Samurai Champloo or something.

It also doesn't make sense that a Samurai would upgrade to a Ninja, since they should be more or less equal. Yeah, Rogue or Brigand would have been a better name.

User Info: FluxMega

7 years ago#6
I was curious and started experimenting so I gave my White Wizard enough Mind Plus to go over 200+ in Intelligence. Equipment him/her with the Sage's Staff and his/her Holy was doing well over 5200+ on any enemy that came across.

Did the same for my Master. Gave him power and stamina over 200+ and he was doing over 10000+ (yes over ten thousand) damage. Cast Haste on him and he was going over 21000+ (yes over twenty thousand).

User Info: John_Dane

7 years ago#7
So what would be considered "normal" for those classes in the vanilla game, with those same stats etc? Just need some kind of scale for reference.

User Info: FluxMega

7 years ago#8
You can't have those stats in the normal game. The max is 99 of each stats.

I'm guessing in the normal game with maxed out stats the White Wizard could easily do over 2000+ with the Sage's Staff casting Holy. And the Master could do over 3000+ without Haste.

User Info: John_Dane

7 years ago#9
So this pretty much breaks the game. But even 99 stats would be breaking the game in the vanilla version, so I guess it doesn't matter in the end.

User Info: Rabite

7 years ago#10
By the way guys, if you have any suggestions on how to make the hack better post them here. The creator of the hack is looking for reasonable changes on how to make it better. He's already working on making hitting enemies far easier, so don't worry about that. Note that not all suggestions will be used or CAN be used. For instance: enemy attacks have some sort of programming that he has yet to figure out how to break so that the player can use them (eg. Tsunami or Tornado).
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