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User Info: Jachan19

10 years ago#1
I know what you people think of me... one of two possible thoughts...
1) I must be CRAZY to have four White Mages (including White Wizards, of course)
2) I get death wish against bosses
if you never thought of those, you are making me laugh at moment for no reason, lol... but anyway, last night, i got myself think over about it and i had decided my decision to start play this challenge all the way to end the game, including Shinryu (yes, SHINRYU! THE POWERFUL DRAGON IN FFI, others than Bahamut who is too lazy to fight until FF3, lmao... does he appeared to summon-fight in FF3? o.o;; )... If anybody want to try it but wants FAQs, i will try my best to create a FAQ/walkthrough file for you because i never had done with this before (yes, it will be my first time to do this if anybody ask for a walkthrough, like that Red Mage Solo Challenge).
Why should i do that challenge? because i was bored, lol.
PSN - JachanFlame19

User Info: Blondie425

10 years ago#2
That's not crazy, and I'm pretty sure it's been done before, too.

With 4 White Mages, you practically won't ever die. It may take a VERY long time to beat bosses, but with so much healing power + Blink, you won't lose.
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User Info: Jachan19

10 years ago#3
well, it's true but even so, it will make us run our of MP in no time if it keep up with Blink often (in beginning, to mind you)... and yeah but some friends of mine said how harder it could be, lol. but thanks for noting me about somebody else have done with that before me, even though I just never thought / dreamed to play with four White Mages only, haha.
PSN - JachanFlame19

User Info: Crockinator

10 years ago#4
Zeus's gauntlet + Mage's Staff + Black Shirt + Thor's hammer.

Use anti-undead spell against Lich, raid the Ice Cave (anti-undead spells), go get the Zeus Gauntlet and the Mage's staff..


User Info: RuneEsper

10 years ago#5
Honestly, in DoS version, this becomes pretty easy. Since they fixed spells to do more damage based on Int, as soon as you get access to the spell-casting items, your WMs become extremely viable offensively, for most purposes. And since they changed to an MP system rather than a Charge/Level system, you also get extremely enhanced longevity out of the cures and such that they do have.
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User Info: ZelGreywards

10 years ago#6
It's been done by MANY people in the NES version (which was by far the hardest and buggiest version of the game.) Dawn of Souls White Mages have it easy by comparison.

As far as I know, a SOLO White Mage challenge (using a White Mage and killing off the remainder of the party and leaving them dead for the entire game) has been completed in the NES version.

In this version I played a solo Red Mage game. It wasn't that difficult.
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User Info: 13_Master_X

10 years ago#7
You'll definitely have an easier time in this than in my solo red mage. (never could beat Death Gaze.)
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